How to Have The Best Experience When You Send Money Online?

Well, the Nigerians who leave their family and move abroad to earn bread and butter for their family deserve a better process when they send money to Nigeria. Overseas Nigerians contribute a lot to their economy through remittance and thus are an essential part of their country.

Do You Think Transfer Of Money Requires A Lot Of Effort?

Has the experience of money transfer been harsh at you? The process of money transfer through conventional methods has created so many troubles for people that they resist the whole system. But at the same time, online money transfer service is providing people with awfully excellent services.

Is Online Money Transfer A Solution To Your Problems?

Money can be transferred through online methods, and it is more convenient as it requires the availability of only two things; a mobile phone and an internet connection. You can send money to Nigeria online to your waiting relatives and friends in a matter of a few minutes. Transfer of funds through an online system is not mere transfer; instead, it is a phenomenon that puts people in surprise. It is no exaggeration to say that online money transfer service has changed the lives of people by mending their transfer experience.

How To Use ACE Money Transfer For Online Transactions?

Following are some essential services great platforms like ACE Money Transfer are providing to introduce people with a new level of comfort:

  • Transfer fee reasonable and even less than your expectations when you switch from traditional methods
  • Transfer time it was reduced to a few minutes.
  • Multiple currency transactions for the ease of sender and receive
  • Numerous ways of transfer like bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards
  • Considerable cash pick up points that may be up to 300,000 in case of ACE.
  • No hidden charges

What Is The Step By Step Guide Of Money Transfer Through ACE?

For the money transfer to Nigeria through ACE, you will have to follow a few simple steps that are mentioned below:

  • First, you will sign up at website or download online money transfer app then you will enter your name along with other essential answers about yourself
  • Enter the valid details about of your recipient afterwards
  • Select your favourite method of money transfer
  • Finally, pay the amount by any comfortable means

This simple method will lead you to successful money transfer, and you will be confirmed about it through a notification. In case of any hindrance, you can contact the team.


The transfer money to Nigeria is more accessible with ACE due to the fantastic service that can take place to the sender’s family. So it is an excellent initiative to make your transaction easy and worthy.