How to Help Your Gambian Loved Ones with Their Day to Day Expenditures Through Online Money Transfer?

According to study abroad data of the USA, 325339 US residents went abroad for higher studies. A student settled abroad needs to book a room, pay bills, do transactions, and buy stationery and much more. To meet all the needs, the fundamental approach is to use an online money transfer service. A lot of Gambians send money to Gambia, who are working in US and different countries.

What are the Basics Of Finding A Money Transfer Service For Gambia?

First Step

Once you are done choosing the proposed university or institution. The to-do list includes securing the admission at the first step. To guarantee your admission, make sure the eligibility requirements are met. The documents that have to be uploaded are in the correct form and size. By money transfer services, the admission fee can be submitted online.

Second Step:

After successfully securing the admission, the next step is to get the embassy matters done. The embassy of the residing country and the country to be shifted may also have some fee. An online money transfer option will be a convenient option in submitting this fee as well.

Set Yourself for Odd Conditions:

Packing up for the stay can be cool and a headache at the same time. The weather conditions and the corresponding clothes are kept in the bag. The medicines, relevant books, and stationery are also musts. The plan of how to cover the cost of living, the bills payment, the medical and book expenditure is scheduled according to the individual profile. Finance management is not an easy task at all. The best way is to use search engines, which hostel will cost less but more secure, what preventive measures can be carried out for the lesser utility bills, the cheap restaurants, where is the nearby hospital and what kind of rides or transport services are available and affordable? Different websites for tourism are a great help in this.

Setting up an international bank account is essential for settling out of your home country. Internet banking keeps you updated about your account wherever in the world you are. Online money transfer to Gambia is convenient through e-banking, and money transfer services providing applications and websites. Apart from passport and other crucial documents, the most important thing that will survive you abroad is the capital. Without capital, you cannot be assumed to live a normal life; even in your home country. How will it be possible to sustain yourself in abroad? So, make sure you are having enough money and funds to fight any harsh event. Prepare yourself for the worst conditions, the normal will look unchallenging.

Try to search for all the possible scholarships and funding open internationally. After applying to ten scholarship schemes, if you are selected by one for half tuition fees, it will generate a great impact on the finances. Finance management will be magnificent if the funding is shared to some extent.

What Services to be Used for Online Money Transfer?

Either the funding committee is in your hometown or your parents are responsible for the financing, finding an easy and accessible service for the money transfer is a challenge. Some of you will prefer low fee-charging services; others will prefer opting for the service that is more reliable and fast. Some options can be listed as below:

TransferWise — A Well-Known Money Transfer Service:

TransferWise is a cheaper and speedy way to send money online. The specific point is that there are no hidden charges for the processing. Even the real exchange rates are used. TransferWise is available in fifty-nine countries in the world. UK, India, Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Europe, and the USA are on the list. Country-wise currency is also available but if you want to add a currency, a request can be made to TransferWise. One can track the transactions and have the notification alert by using a smartphone application made for TransferWise.

WorldRemit — One of the leading companies to send money online:

Migrant communities use WorldRemit for the purpose of money transfer across the globe. The security of the transfer is validated by MasterCard Secure Code, Microsoft Azure, Security Standards Council and VISA. You can have a bank deposit, capital collection from the nearby collection point or money transfer to mobile accounts. WorldRemit is the nonpareil website as the transaction can be done even in five minutes.

Xoom — One of the fastest money transfer service

Xoom is powered by PayPal. It is available in 131 countries over the world. The key attraction of Xoom is the cash delivery service. A rider will give you money at home. Hence, you can send money abroad at the doorstep of the receiver. The customer service centre is available online and is easily accessible. Current data is delivered via the active staff of Xoom. 24/7 service is available for use. In unusual circumstances, a refund is done by Xoom. You can transfer money to Gambia, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Egypt, Georgia and others through Xoom.

· ACE Money Transfer — Ideal in Terms of Highest Exchange Rates & Low Fee

ACE Money Transfer works efficiently, and have an extensive customer base worldwide. The transfer route is secure and the exchange rates provided are the finest. A three-step visit to the website will make the transaction successful. You just have to select the country, the amount you need to send and then have to choose the recipient. You are done with sending money abroad to your child.


Through MoneyGram, it is convenient to make transactions as well as pay bills. Its main centre is located in Texas. You can send and receive the money through the nearby centre or you can also select a bank account to which cash has to be delivered.

Bank Transfer:

Bank transfers are the sending of money directly to the receiver bank account. If your child is studying in the Gambia, the process of bank transfer can be used to send money to Gambia online. International bank accounts are used for such purposes.

Hence, it can be said that without online money transfer services, it will probably not possible to survive outside of your country, in this era. Studying abroad will create a lot of hustle. The riding payments, bill payments, fee submission, and shopping bills payments can be done via money transfer services.