How to make a Child Support Payment online

Child Support Payment

Making of the child support payment, to paying online is a best and convenient way. You can pay easily through your credit or debit card. For getting this comfort service first you have to make an account with the certain state. ACE Money Transfer a well-known website for providing online services. It gives you a good opportunity for enjoying the online services. It gives minute details about online payments and makes you aware for upcoming update versions on online payments.

The following steps must be accomplished;

  • Make an email account:

For online payment there must be an account either of them;

  1. Yahoo mail.
  2. com.
  3. AOL mail.
  4. Looking state website:

For details, you have to check the website of the state or the child support state.

  1. Looking for online payments:

Not all of them pay online like the following rule is applied;

  • Parents that are non-custodial and have income withholding are not paying online.
  • Parents with no withholding income can pay online.
  1. Submitting your payment:
  • First, you have to take a case number from the state.
  • Next is to sign in to your id that you had created.
  • You have to make recurring payments. Set them according to your choice of payment either weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • If you don’t want recurring payments then make it a one-time payment. For this, you have to enter security code, case number, your payment.
  • You have to know the transaction fee. As the state deduct some amount as a convenience fee. So you need to put check on it.
  • Make sure your payment is posted and you should pay a day before the due date.