How To Make An International Wire Transfer From The UK? Easy Steps

When you are living abroad or are consistently traveling out, it is very common that you would need to send money to Philippines or generally across borders. You may have to send money to your home, or they may have to send it to you.

To move money from one country to another in a super-fast and secure way is to use the international wire transfer. So if you are wondering ways to money transfer to Philippines, then we are here to guide you along.

With the international wire transfer, you may send money abroad and convert it to any foreign currency. In addition to the banks, there are many other options, such as MoneyGram, PayPal, and Western Union.

Using the international wire transfer, you may send money to other countries and convert it into foreign currency. Unfortunately, banks and money transfers services mostly give you a poor exchange rate so that they can make extra profits. But with smarter services such as ACE Money Transfer, you get the best deals and offers out there.

The smart new technology skips off the huge international transfer fees by connecting the local bank accounts worldwide.

If you are looking for how to transfer money to the Philippines, you have to be sure that you know the most legal and trustable services available to send money to Philippines online. This article will initially walk through how you can make the international wire transfer from the UK or other countries.


On your company’s website, look for the wire transfer category:

If you have the online banking set up, log into the online bank account and navigate through to the wire transfer section on your bank’s web page. There will be a section over the top toolbar at the bank’s homepage.

But alternatively, you may search for wire transfer and the name of the bank you are taking services of. If neither of these work, give your bank’s customer service a quick call.


Double-check the online transfer limit:

Your bank may need you to set the online transfer limit that is mostly around approx. $3000. A few times, they set one for you. However, if you need to move over the daily limit you are allowed, you will mostly need to call the bank and authorize it.

In a few cases, to verify it is you making the request, your bank might have the additional security step. This may be anywhere from the special codes sent to the mobile phone or a secure email sent to your email.

Enter the recipient’s bank into:

To complete the online money, transfer to Philippines, or any other international transfer, you won’t have to search on how to transfer money to the Philippines, and you will need to give the following information:

– Complete address with bank name of beneficiary or receiver.

– Your recipient information, such as your name, address, and the account type they have

– Your recipient account number

– Your recipient’s bank code

The BIC or SWIFT bank code is a lot like the US routing number or the zip code. It shows the exact bank the recipient account exists in.

All this information or three steps on transferring money to the Philippines will help you transfer a huge amount of money across borders.

Now you don’t have to stay in your own country being away from your family. You can get a full part in their financial health maintenance so that they live in peace back home.

Your money moved from ACE Money Transfer is the most trustable and resourceful way of moving money from one place to another.