How to Open Roshan Digital Account in ABL

Introduction to Roshan Digital Account

Do you send money to Pakistan from abroad? Overseas Pakistanis are equal citizens of this country as we all are. They also desire to invest and take part in the development of the state. There was a huge need for overseas Pakistanis to send money to their loved ones. Moreover, to enable them to invest in different sectors of the state based on PKR and USD. As Roshan Digital Accounts are now available to be opened via other banks. Now, Roshan Digital Accounts can be opened via Allied Bank Limited.

Many people want to know how to open a Roshan Digital Account in ABL. There is a procedure to follow to open a Roshan Digital account. Let us dive deep into the steps for better understanding.


Roshan Digital Account in ABL

First of all, you need to access the Allied Bank Official Website. Then you need to find the option of “Open Account”. After that, you will see a pop-up on the screen, where you’ll choose the option of “Roshan Account”.

After that, you will be redirected to a page where people will be able to interact with the form. Informational messages help people read in dept. About the reservations and operating procedures. The completion message will contain appreciation on behalf of the specified organization. This will also explain a collection of required documents necessary for the signing procedure of your Roshan Digital Account. Keep proceeding by providing essential information on the required area. Once done, you can send money to Pakistan online in your Roshan Digital bank account instantly without any barriers.


Non-Resident Pakistanis & International Investments

The Roshan Digital bank account scheme is for Non-resident Pakistanis. It is a custom-tailored financial service designed to facilitate overseas Pakistanis so that they can take part in investment projects within Pakistan. The additive quality of the RDA is to entertain PKR and USD-based transactions. Allied Bank Limited takes the initiative to launch Roshan Digital Account with ease and convenience. Now people from all around the world can create a Roshan Digital Account in ABL and invest in various sectors. The RDA account comes with exclusive benefits; money transfer to Pakistan is instant, especially with no minimum balance requirements and the withdrawal of your funds.


Mandatory Requirements for Roshan Digital Account

Just like every other standard organization, there are some standard operating procedures. For the Roshan Digital Account in ABL, there are a set of mandatory requirements that individuals must need to satisfy. People will be able to provide personal details with the aid of form including:

  • NIC or Identity documents
  • Latest Pictures
  • Passport
  • Proof of Income

It is a simple and quick procedure, so you don’t need to worry at all. The complete process might take up to around somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes. After completing the procedure, individuals will be redirected to the next step, where you can choose the account type based on preference. It is always advised to keep your scanned copies of relevant documents as the registration process may require you to upload scanned copies of the required documents.

The list of important documents includes:

  • Scanned copy of NIC (National Identity Card)
  • Scanned copies of Citizens Passport
  • Scanned Pay Slip details
  • Scanned Signature

After successful completion of the steps mentioned above, you will receive a confirmation message. The message will be delivered to the mobile number mentioned at the time of the account creation. Additional verification may be possible via a call from the bank support service. This verification process may extend to a little bit of additional inquiry regarding the account registration process.


Eligibility Criteria for Roshan Digital Account

The eligibility criteria set forth by the governing bodies are simple yet convenient to understand. The Roshan Digital Account offers Non-resident Pakistanis (NRPs) to account for online money transfers to Pakistan from abroad. The definition of NRPs covers Employees/Officials posted abroad by the Federal or Provincial Government.

The NRPs can host a joint account with Resident/Non-Resident Pakistanis for both categories. The categories include Non-Resident Rupee Value Account (NRVA) and Foreign Currency Value Account (FCVA). For the Pakistani residents, they can access the Roshan Digital- Foreign Currency Value Account after declared foreign assets by FBR. Individuals may need to visit the branch of ABL with verified assets to open a Roshan Digital account.