How to Open Roshan Digital Account in Bank Al-Habib?

Did you need to send money to Pakistan into a bank account? Bank Al-Habib is renowned in the history of a banking corporation, providing excellence in financial services. Recently, Bank Al-Habib Roshan Digital Account is introduced. The Roshan Digital Account mainly facilitates Non-Resident Pakistanis and Foreign Nationals with POC cards. The Pakistan Origin Card (POC) is assigned to people having Pakistan as an origin. The Roshan Digital Account is newly introduced in the market with beneficial advantages and excessive features. Let’s discuss few things about how to open a Roshan Digital Account in Bank Al-Habib.


Steps to Open a Roshan Digital Account in Bank Al-Habib? 

The process for opening a Roshan Digital Account in Bank Al-Habib is simple as money transfer to Pakistan nowadays, yet easy to understand. If you are a Resident/Non-Resident Pakistani, just follow these simple steps and get started with your Roshan Digital Account in Bank Al-Habib.

  • Go to
  • Provide basic required information
  • Provide OTP information received at the email
  • Provide account opening information
  • Select from the type of digital account i.e., Foreign Currency (FCY) or Pakistani Rupee (PKR)
  • Receive a confirmation email with reference number
  • The account opening information will be provided within 2 business days via email


Documents to Open a Roshan Digital Bank Account

The documents required to create a Roshan Digital Account in Bank Al-Habib are as follows:

  • CNIC/SNIC/POC/NICOP document
  • Passport document
  • Signature of customer (Scanned form)
  • Non-Resident Pakistani (NRP) status proof
  • Profession proof and source of income. (For salaried individuals, employment letter, salary slip whereas bank account statement for businesspersons)
  • Live photograph


Features of Roshan Digital Account in Bank Al-Habib

Roshan Digital Account comes with an extensive range of features, providing comfort and convenience. The list of features offered by the Roshan Digital Account in Bank Al-Habib are;

  • Free E-Statement Services for online money transfer to Pakistan
  • Cheque Book Facility
  • Debit Card Facility
  • PKR or FCY Currency
  • Free Registration for Mobile Banking
  • No condition for the initial deposit and minimum balance
  • Free account opening, maintenance, and closure of the account
  • Available 24/7 Roshan Digital Unit
  • Available in Current & Saving account types with both conventional and Islamic Variants
  • Multiple Investment Opportunities
  • Repatriable Account
  • Joint Account Option
  • Free Life Insurance


Salient Advantages of Roshan Digital Account

With aid of the Roshan Digital Account, overseas Pakistani can unlock multiple doors to additional privileges. Non-Resident Pakistanis and Resident Pakistanis can invest in Naya Pakistan Certificates (NPC), Investment Opportunities, Roshan Samaaji Khidmat, and Roshan Apni Car. For years, it has never been so much easier for overseas Pakistanis to send money to Pakistan online. But now, customers of the Roshan Digital Account can transfer money from overseas, just like any other bank account. To many people, investments in the homeland were merely a dream. Roshan Digital Account in Bank Al-Habib is the ultimate reality of modern banking solutions.


International Remittances & Economic Growth

For every country, international remittance acts as a vital ingredient in success and development. Similarly, remittance can be beneficial for some countries, whereas it might be harmful towards countries with strong economic value. Overseas Pakistanis spread across the globe mostly find it inconvenient to transfer money to Pakistan. But, after the advent of the Roshan Digital Account, the money transfer process has become much more efficient. Not only, it offers customers to transfer funds, but it also enables customers to participate in different real-estate investments. Open your Roshan Digital Account with Bank Al-Habib today and change the future.