How to Open Roshan Digital Account in HBL

What is Roshan Digital Account? 

How do you send money to Pakistan to support your family? An exclusive opportunity for overseas Pakistani to open a Roshan Digital account in HBL. With the help of Roshan Digital Accounts, one can easily transfer funds and can make investments directly from HBL. Money transfer from RDA in HBL makes the process more trustworthy and reliable.


As this facility is available from different bank accounts. Habib Bank Limited is also included in the list being the trusted banking network of many Pakistanis. Many people want to know how to open Roshan Digital Account in HBL. There is a procedure to follow to open a Roshan Digital account in HBL. Let’s briefly discuss the procedure to sign up for Roshan Digital Account.


Roshan Digital Account in HBL

The introduction of the Roshan Digital Account will promote the flow of international remittances to Pakistan. This opportunity is exclusively for Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs). You can create a Roshan Digital Account in HBL via the official website. Also, you can download the application based on your mobile operating system. The application is available for both Android and iOS users.


Quick & Easy Account Setup

The process to complete the registration process is simple, yet easier to understand. Timely instructions and confirmation messages help better understanding the registration process. Don’t worry, you will be guided for further activities in the form of instructions. The latest trends in technological advancements have made it quite easier to complete the signup process efficiently. Overseas Pakistanis can open an account with the aid of HBL from the comfort of their homes to send money to Pakistan online directly into the bank account.


Key Instructions to Follow:

There is a set of key instructions that you must need to fulfil, for compliance with the registration requirements.

  • You will be redirected to a signup screen where you may need to log in using your email address
  • After submission of your email, a six-digit OTP will be sent to your registered address (i.e., email, phone)
  • Provide mandatory requirements described in the registration form such as personal, passport details, etc.


Requirements for Roshan Digital Account in HBL

Major organizations and banking institutions require mandatory information and verification criteria. Similarly, to open a Roshan Digital Account in HBL, there are certain conditions and details that an individual must provide to a banking institution. You may need to submit additional details with the signup form including:

  • NIC or ID document
  • Real-time photo
  • Legal Passport (Pakistan & Foreign Country)
  • Proof of Income (Salary slips for employees, tax returns for business professionals)
  • Proof of non-resident status


Can you deposit funds in Roshan Digital Account? 

The answer to the specified question is ‘No’. The Roshan Digital Account only offers funds managed via inward remittances. There is no available option for the deposit of local credits within Pakistan. However, the Roshan Digital Account allows you to manage certain activities via an online digital account e.g. online money transfer to Pakistan from abroad into your RDA.

  • Investments in residential and commercial real estate
  • Investments in quoted shares
  • Investments in term deposits
  • Return of profit on deposit funds, rent, interest, or dividend


Investment Opportunities via Roshan Digital Account

The Roshan Digital Account presents countless investment opportunities for overseas Pakistanis. Intending to bring international remittances to Pakistan, the RDA provides numerous areas to invest in. Individuals having possession of RDA can invest in multiple avenues.

  • Government of Pakistan debt securities
  • Naya Pakistan Certificates
  • Investment opportunity in local securities market via the CDC
  • Residential and commercial real estate investments in DHA (coming soon)
  • Local Term Deposits with HBL (coming soon)


Pricing for International Remittances by HBL 

The HBL offers free remittance transactions to Roshan Digital Bank Account. This ultimately means, that all the direct international remittances can be received with the aid of an HBL account, free of cost. However, the charges may be applied with the consent of an overseas Bank for the remittances. It is always advised to evaluate the additional or required charges that may incur to the total cost. The best practice is to ensure correspondent bank charges to avoid any inconvenience in the future. As the process of international remittances is quite complex yet made simple through the involvement of digital convenience. Thank you to the Roshan Digital Account and HBL to create ease of money transfer to Pakistan for overseas Pakistanis.