How To Pay Bills In Pakistan While Living Abroad?

How do you send money to Pakistan? Pakistan has evolved into a location that inspires simple activities without the bother of travel in this age of technological innovation. This article is for you if you need to pay bills online in Pakistan while you are residing overseas.

NRPs in Pakistan now have the option of opening an account remotely through a completely digital and online process, eliminating the need to visit a bank office. Only a few pieces of information and papers are required to open the account. Banks have been given 48 hours to conduct all essential client due diligence.

This program aims to make it easier for Pakistanis to pay their bills online through money transfers to Pakistan.

Best Ways to Pay Bills Online in Pakistan

The best thing about current times is incredible technological advancements. They have given us the ability to access any huge amount of information and accomplish anything we desire at our fingertips, and this is what we refer to as Charm.

  1. Pay Bills Online through Roshan Digital Account 

The Roshan Digital Account (RDA) is a customized financial solution designed to assist Non-Resident Pakistanis in investing in Savings Schemes. It is offered in both PKR and USD.

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Non-Resident Pakistanis above the age of 18 will be eligible to use this service.
  • Foreign nationals with a Pakistani passport (POC).
  • Officials or Employees of the federal or provincial governments who are stationed in another country.
  • According to the wealth declaration filed with the Federal Board of Revenue in the most recent tax return, residents have disclosed their assets kept overseas (FBR).

Required Documents

The following supporting papers will be required to submit your application to get the service of paying bills in Pakistan:

  • A scanned copy of your NICOP/POC, your CNIC/SNIC, and a passport (first two pages plus entry/exit stamp pages) prove identification with NRP status).
  • Webcam captures a live/digital image.
  • Scanned versions of Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF) Card (signed on a white page) (if applicable).
  • CRS form (scanned copy of employment certificate, tax return, rent agreement, income slips, etc.)
  • Form FATCA (if applicable).
  • Form W8ben (if applicable).

The Roshan Digital Account has several advantages, including no minimum balance requirements and paying bills through online money transfer to Pakistan.

  • Non-resident Pakistanis and Pakistanis with recognized foreign assets can create a Standard Chartered Roshan Digital account.
  • Roshan Digital account users can use internet banking, debit cards, or cheque books to conduct transactions like cash transfers, bill payments, and POS transactions, among other things.
  • All RDA clients have access to online banking. When you apply for your Roshan Digital Account, you may choose between a debit card (for PKR accounts only) and a cheque book (for both PKR and FCY accounts) via call centre or online banking.

To pay bills online in Pakistan is simple from anywhere in the world. To access the internet, you only need the following ingredients:

  • A smart device.
  • Internet access should be available.
  • Details about your account, credit card, and debit card.
  1. Pay Bills Online in Pakistan through ACE Money Transfer: 

You may pay bills online using Ace Money Transfer, one of the most efficient ways to send money to Pakistan online. So use their official website or app to access your ACE Money Transfer online account. If you haven’t already done so, create your new account now. Your valid email address, password, and current phone number will be required.

Log into your account, and you will be sent to the main page, where you can choose “Bill Payment.”