How to Pick a Trustworthy Way to Send Money to Senegal?

When it’s time to send money to Senegal, you do not want to deal with the complicated and expensive process. Every migrant who wants to send money online, you will get the best process celebrated here. Whether you are going to use banks or online money transfer service, you will always compare the transfer fee, exchange rate, and other factors.

Why An Online Money Transfer Service?

Typically, online money transfer service offers a high exchange rate charges fewer fees for money transfer to Senegal. Some offer cash pick up in the shortest time frame while others offer seamless money transfer to Senegal. As compared to the banks and other options used to send money online, a money transfer company provides the best exchange rate and charge low fees.

How To Get Most Of Your Money Transfer To Senegal?

Everyone wants the transaction they create will be beneficial for them. In short, migrant have to pay a low fee and a high exchange rate instead of infecting with feature measures that do not suit them. So, you must keep an eye on some significant steps.

Exchange Rate:

If you want to send money to Senegal from the UK, check the mid-market rate. Compare it to the exchange rate, make sure it is closer to the exchange rate that a money transfer company offers. It is a great tip to have a high exchange rate.

Transfer Fee:

Online money transfer services are famous for charging a low fee than other methods to transfer money. But all are not given this feature. Maybe charges hidden n exchange rate. In this way, you must pay additional charges.

Turnaround Time:

It must be shorter because people want to transfer money to Senegal in time to help their recipients, friends, and family. Banks take a business week or longer to complete the transaction whether online money transfer service takes a shorter time depending on the method you use.

Transfer Methods:

Whether you want to send money to an affiliate money transfer or directly to your recipient bank account, select one preferred to your delivery timings.

ACE Money Transfer is a flourishing and worldwide trusted service used to send money globally. What services are present in approximately 94 countries to send money online. They have a large number of satisfied customers.

They have the most extensive coverage area to transfer money to Senegal. It creates the easiness for your recipient to reach their money when they needed.

How To Send Money To Senegal?

Before you create a transaction, you need to create your account. Go to the website or download the online money transfer app to send money online.

To place the transaction, you need to log in your account and follow these simple steps:

  • Select the payment method
  • Choose Destination Country
  • Select a pay-out option, i.e., Cash Pick up or Bank Deposit.
  • Select pay-out location
  • Enter amount
  • Create or choose Beneficiary
  • Confirm the Payment

What Is Required To Send Money To Senegal?

For you to send money to Senegal, you need the following information and documents:

  • Your government ID
  • The amount of money you want to send
  • If you are sending directly to the recipient’s bank account, ensure you get the correct SWIFT code/ IBAN and the other bank details.

Some Specific Bank Information Needed for Money Transfer to Senegal

  1. IBAN:
  • The International Bank Account Number used in many countries around the world. The IBAN consists of alphanumeric characters varying in length as per financial institution.
  1. BIC (or SWIFT):
  • The Bank Identifier Code (sometimes called SWIFT) is either 8 or 11 digits long and includes numbers and letters.

Gone are the days when Senegalese residing in the UK had difficulty in sending money to Senegal due to the strict money transfer service policies faced by the immigrants. But today, in this 21st century, all the problems have come to an end related to send money to Senegal from UK due to the convenient, safe, reliable, fast, and cheap money transfer service to send money online.

Let’s see how the online money transfer service helped a Senegali customer in money transfer to Senegal from the UK.

I stepped into professional life three years ago when I came to England to financially support my family living back in Senegal. Things were new to me. My salary was fair enough to meet my family’s expenditure.

Issued faced Due to Other Money Transfer Services:

For the two years, every month, I went through many difficulties when it was time to send money back home.

  • I travelled to the bank.
  • I waited for its lengthy procedure.
  • And the worst part, half of the money is deducted in bank’s fees.
  • Moreover, banks provided a reduced exchange rate.

The same suffering came on the part of the family when they had to transact money. My job hours are very tough here and it caused a lot of disturbance when I had to travel the bank every month not one time but two to three times because of their delayed dealings.

Online Money Transfer Service; a light in the darkness:

The same story happened in Senegal when my family used to go for money transactions. Life came to a secure mode a year ago when I came to know about a very convenient money transfer service method, i.e. money transfer company. It took me out of many problems that I was suffering for free from the past two years.

Honestly, I am at liberty now. I don’t have to see those nightmares of a long bank process the week before I get my pay. Nor is the grief of extra charges bank was taking. Neither the time is wasted. Through online money transfer, remitting money to Senegal came to one click only. I just received the following steps for transferring money:

I used a specialist money transfer company. It is providing the best remittance services to ninety different countries all over the world. I recommend best money transfer when it comes to online money transfer services.

I set up my account and got registered. You can visit the website or download the mobile application.

Then I went to my bank account website and did local transfer to the money transfer company. Most of the money transfer companies provide a link from your bank account for direct shipment. Some companies also offer the facility of PayPal or allow debit card or credit card.

That’s it. All of this is complete by sitting in the office chair. I don’t have to travel to the bank or any other place for money remittance now. This remittance service is a very fast, convenient, secure, and reliable method of money transfer and money transactions. In no time you receive a message from the other side where you send money globally. My family is also satisfied with this fast and convenient service.


Living abroad is not an easy thing; you face problems that you deserve not. In the world of digitalization, things are so easy to handle, and online money transfer has made money transfer easy to a vast extent. If you are relating with the experience, then immediately set yourself at ease and start using money transfer service.