How to receive money in Senegal from UK & other countries around the globe?

Do you need to send money to Senegal? This article will walk you through the ways to receive money in Senegal and the necessary steps to collect money sent from the United Kingdom or any other country for that matter, from around the world.

But before that, we will touch briefly upon some of the most popular ways to send money to Senegal or any other country online from anywhere in the world.

Bank transfer:- This is the most common method used worldwide despite the fact that many other options are available these days, such as online money transfer companies, whose services are even quicker and more affordable. But, people normally send money through banks because their services are reliable and accessible.

Online transfer:- The other best option for money transfer to Senegal or other countries is to send your money or transfer funds online with the help of some of the globally renowned companies such as ACE Money Transfer or WorldRemit or TransferWise etc. These companies have made it easier for the customers to avail of their services either through their easy-to-use mobile apps while on the go or by simply logging into their websites. Some of the services these companies offer to send money online are bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards or direct bank debits etc.

Mobile payment: – Apple and Android companies are devising newer ways to transfer funds or send money online by keeping the comfort and convenience of the customer’s insight.

Let’s now look at the requirements to send money online to Senegal from the United Kingdom or from any other country in the world.

Firstly, you are required to produce your original Identity card issued by the government of your country;

Secondly, you are required to provide your original and full name as it appears on your photo ID;

Thirdly, you are required to show and prove your occupation;

Fourthly, you are required to provide the full name of the recipient;

Fifthly, you are required to provide the address, where applicable, of the receiver;

Sixthly, you are required to show your relationship with the beneficiary to who you are sending the amount;

Seven, you are required to provide the purpose of the transaction; and

Lastly, you are required to provide the bank account details of the receiver if the transaction is taking place through a bank.

These are the simple requirements to send money to Senegal online from any other country. But, it must also be considered that different countries have different requirements, yet they largely remain the same as listed above.

Here are the requirements to receive money in Senegal.

Firstly, pay a visit to one of the offices of ACE Money Transfer located in Senegal, if you have availed of the services of ACE Money Transfer;

Secondly, provide the details of the sender along with the tracking number (MTCN) you have been provided;

Thirdly, you are required to show and prove your identity primarily by presenting your photo Identity; and

Lastly, wait for a few moments for the company to verify your details before you collect your money.

Other than these ways to collect the money you can also have it transferred through a mobile wallet or a cheque or an electronic cheque, but the requirements to collect money remain the same.

Conclusion:- It is pretty much easy and convenient to online money transfer to Senegal as well as receive money sent online either through a bank or an online company so long as you fulfil the requirements detailed out above.