How to Register with ACE Money Transfer for A Swift Money Transfer to Gambia?

ACE Money Transfer is an emerging and reputed organization for money transfer. One can send money to Gambia or anywhere around the globe. The money transfers or remittance sending process is now no difficult deal.

What is the Importance of ACE Money Transfer?

Aftab Currency Exchange Limited is based in the United Kingdom. It makes people transfer money all around the world. The process and steps follow to transfer money overseas are made convenient by the ACE Money Transfer service provider. The company makes the customer operate through online operation. One can send money to Gambia online or any part of the world through ACE. Money transfer funds or remittance can be done online for any country of the continents. The process of sending funds or remittance is done through ACE in three different and easy stepwise procedures.

How to Follow the Process of Sending Money Online to Gambia?

The procedure includes the following:

  • Choose your recipient
  • Choose the country and amount
  • Send money around the globe

Yes, it is as easy as it is to send money in the world through ACE.

Why ACE to Send Money Online?

There are many reasons for which ACE should be used by the people to send money online. Some of the reasons are:

  • Be a part of a worldwide network of business.
  • Have a safe and secure remittance sending experience.
  • 24/7 Operation services are available.
  • It offers more variety of Payment Methods & additional services.
  • ACE provides a fast and instant money transfer.
  • As a money saver, it has low fees and best exchange rates.

The ACE Money Transfer is serving worldwide and helping people living far from their homeland to send money transfer and remittance to home feasibly.

ACE Registration

One is to register on the website to enjoy the services of money transfer online by ACE. The registration on ACE requires some of the essential data entry. You make an account on ACE through registration. You become a member after registration as the ACE says “Join ACE Family” during registration.

  • Existing user

If someone has already registered at any point with ACE, then he is already an existing customer of ACE. The user needs no more to register again and again. You can directly log in to your account once you are an existing member. The login can be done through email or Facebook as per the choice of one. If someone forgets the password of the account, the option of “forgot password” can be utilized to reset the password.

  • New user

The new user must need to register first to become a customer. The customer then can log in to its account whenever and wherever one wants to. For registration of a new member, the valid entering of data of the person is required.

  • Registering as a customer

Registration as a customer requires entering the following:

E-mail address, password and password confirmation, address, location, number e.t.c.

The full name of the person as per photo is the requirement for the completion of the registration of the member. The verification of the entered email address is also required. To verify the email address one has to click the link that is sent to the person by the organization site. For starting registration, the option to register online through the Facebook account is also available for the customer. The customer can quickly register and login through the Facebook account. The registration is the first step to enjoy the services of ACE. After registration, the login for the customer is available. And one can use ACE Money Transfer safely and conveniently as a member to send money online anywhere (For example to money transfer in Gambia).

  • Registering as a Money Transfer Agent

One can also register himself as an agent at ACE. The agent registration makes you work with the organization. It can be a mean of earning potential finding sources for the person.

Pros of Registering as a Money Transfer Agent

One can also register as an agent at the ACE website or application. The pros for the people being registered are:

  • can enjoy the services of a user-friendly system
  • setting up the cost is available
  • It can regulate the compliance
  • broad support
  • Gives value to the agent
  • One can grow and gets maximum earning potential

Pros of Being a Registered Cash Sender

The ACE provides many services to its members. These members register themselves on the website or application of ACE. The members of ACE get the following benefits from the organization:

  • Home remittance sending
  • Corporate services
  • Services for agents
  • Low fees for money transfer
  • Best offered exchange rates for the customers.
  • Choosing the method for sending money by the customer
  • One can select the location of pickup point
  • Customer care is provided
  • Customer service is available for 24 hrs
  • Track your transaction
  • Safe and Secure
  • Convenient & Easy
  • Recording history of money transfer


The organization of ACE is serving the people to send money by the overseas people to the home for their family members. ACE is serving people abroad at its fullest. The customer registers itself for the membership of ACE. The person registered at the ACE website or application of ACE. The process of registration helps to enjoy the services at ACE as a member of the money transfer. The ACE can make worldwide transfers (as to money transfer to Gambia)

The service is everywhere whether one has to send money online to Gambia or anywhere else. One can operate the app or website anywhere with access to the internet. And can also utilize the assistance from the app or website in the money transfer. One can register at ACE as a customer or as an agent. So the registration is the very first step and is the most important part of starting your experience with ACE. The registration is the basic requirement of performing the money transfer and transaction procedure. Hopefully, this article helps you regarding the registration process with ACE feasibly.