How to Safely Send Money Given the Corona Pandemic?

Send Money to Ghana

Currently, the world is facing a huge health crisis in the form of COVID-19 disease. The economies of all the countries around the world are facing the impacts and people are struggling to carry out even the simplest and day to day activities due to the lockdowns.

Since the only way to protect ourselves is by socially isolating ourselves, therefore, many institutions such as educational organizations, banks, malls, shopping centers etc. have been closed down. Therefore, immigrants who live away from their families are worried about how they will send money to Ghana for their loved ones.

But thanks to the online mediums of money transfer one can send money globally without having to step out of their house. The entire process to send money online can be carried out at home. Just a couple of clicks and you will be able to send money in no time without coming in contact with anyone or risking your safety and well-being. How? By following these steps:

Should You Visit The Website or Download the App?

Several money transfer service providers provide money transfer to Ghana through their online ways. All that one needs to do is to visit their official website or download the mobile application. The mobile application is available for both Android as well as iOs phones.

How to Sign Up or log in?

Upon visiting the website or opening the mobile app, you will see an option to sign up or log in. If this is your first time sending money online, you will be asked to sign up for a new account.

This process too is very simple. You have to provide your email address, basic information and select a good password. Your account will be verified via a link and then you will be redirected to log in to your account via your credentials.

How to Provide Recipient Details?

Now that you have logged in to your account, you will be asked to provide the details of the person who will be receiving the money that you intend to send quickly online. This is a very important step and makes sure that you enter the name and the account number properly and without any mistake.

How to Enter the Amount?

Now all you need to do is to enter the amount of money that you wish to send. Make sure that you check the current exchange rate beforehand so you are informed about the amount of money that will be received at the other end.

After the completion of this step, a receipt will be generating with all the details including the transfer fee being charged by the service provider.

Acknowledge Terms and Conditions:

This is the last and the simplest step. Go through the terms and conditions, read them carefully and then acknowledge them. That is all, the money transfer will be initiated and the money will be sent to Ghana within the due time.