How to send mobile airtime to Senegal?

                Do you know how to send money to Senegal with a credit card? In this article, we will throw light on how to send mobile airtime to Senegal in case if you are living outside of Senegal.

Senegal is a West African country whose majority population lives in poverty which has pushed its residents outside of Senegal to find work elsewhere to support their families back home financially. And in doing this they come across moments where they require sending mobile airtime to their loved one if they run out of it.

Let’s first see what mobile airtime is.

One of the leading wireless phone providers defines mobile airtime as the time for which you are connected to your mobile phone network. This time includes calls you make and receive, messages you get and send, and data usage. Money transfer to Senegal as mobile airtime is also called mobile top-up, which means adding credit to a mobile phone’s service.

Now let’s take a look at two basic types of mobile services.

Postpaid:- In postpaid services, you have to pay the bill on o monthly basis. This bill payment can be defined as an airtime top-up. Keep in mind that these bills and their volume depend on which package you have subscribed to and, apart from that, your usage. If you fail to pay your bill on the due date, you will still have a few days as a grace period to keep using the services, after which your services will be de-activated.

Prepaid:- In prepaid services, as the name suggests, you add airtime in your mobile in advance and keep using it until this airtime is exhausted. This again depends on the packages you have subscribed to and for how much time. Most people find it convenient to send money to Senegal online as mobile airtime in a prepaid service. The moment you send mobile airtime to the beneficiary, they receive it the very next moment. And time is key in mobile top-ups.

Because imagine you are living in a foreign land and suddenly run out of airtime at a place and time from where accessing the market is not possible for you. You can somehow manage to convey your need for mobile airtime and can get it quickly to connect back viably again.

Let’s now look at a few famous mobile networks operating in Senegal.

Orange:- It is the largest mobile network in Senegal and is the product by Sonatel.

Free Senegal:- The second-largest mobile network, it was previously known as Tigo, which was run by Sentel GSM. It was a subsidiary of Millicom.

Expresso:- It is the third-largest mobile network in Senegal, owned and run by Dubai-based Expresso Telecom Group.

Now let’s take a quick look at the steps you need to follow to send mobile airtime to Senegal.

  • Choose the airtime service;
  • Provide beneficiary’s correct number to who you intend to send airtime to;
  • Choose the amount of airtime as much as you want to;
  • ACE highly recommends going through all the steps you have taken so far to remove errors;
  • Once you have checked all the steps taken so far, proceed with sending the airtime; and
  • As soon as the recipient receives the airtime, both the sender and beneficiary will be notified through an SMS alert.

Conclusion:- This piece has thrown sufficient light on mobile airtime, and we have learnt that online money transfer to Senegal, whether it is airtime or mobile wallet transfer, is a simple and easy few-step procedure.