How to send mobile recharge to Ghana while living in abroad?

Have you ever bothered to do money transfer to Ghana? In this article, we will discuss at length the ways to and techniques to recharge mobile of someone who is living in a Sub Saharan African country Ghana. This mobile recharge is also known as a mobile top-up and famously so. But, before we delve into the ways and how to send mobile recharge to someone in Ghana, we must understand what a mobile recharge is, in the first place in order for us to have a better understanding. 

Mobile Recharge: – A mobile recharge is a service which came into existence in recent years, which allows you to send credit to your friends and family’s mobile phones in Ghana from literally anywhere in the world. 

One would definitely shudder to think of being deprived of their airtime on the mobile phone with no other option readily available to contact your loved ones with. What will you do? Which corner will you turn to for help on immediate basis? Here the need for a mobile recharge from afar cannot be more emphasized. There are a host of companies spread across the world such as ACE online money transfer services company which are catering to their customers’ needs and also rendering reliable and credible services. 

Now let’s take a look at how you can send airtime to Ghana nationals. 

Different online money transfer companies have set different mechanisms to send a mobile recharge to someone living afar, here is a list of most common steps every company uses to do the same. All it is going to take is:

  • Enter the phone number of the recipient;
  • Select the amount you wish to send or the one requested by the other party;
  • Make your payment online;
  • The sender and the beneficiary will receive an SMS alert and/ or confirmation once the recipient has received the mobile recharge or the mobile top-up.

By taking the above mentioned four simple steps, you can help your loved one get the mobile recharge in a distant land like Ghana from anywhere in the world.

Why use mobile top-up: – People use this service of mobile recharge or mobile top-up for their loved ones in Ghana because it is not always easy for the residents of Ghana to fill their mobiles themselves owing to several reasons such as living in a place which is far away from the town, or travelling restrictions or may be due to the reason of not being able to manage time after or around their work hours and so on. 

You also need to consider the following four points while choosing a service to send a mobile recharge in Ghana.

  •       Choose a service provider whose services are simple;
  •       Look for safe and secure services;
  •       Look for the service provider whose services are swift and complete in shortest possible time period: and
  •       Lastly, choose a company with lowest service fee or service charges.

Conclusion: – This piece has taught us the ways to recharge a mobile in Ghana from afar, and the best option for you to do it is by availing of the services offered by ACE, which fully meets the above mentioned important conditions and even has a lot more on offer for its customers.