How to send money back home to your family with the lowest fees?

Do you often find yourself under stress due to the high rates associated with the international transfer of funds? 

A major chunk of the population worldwide works abroad for better opportunities and they send money to Nigeria and other countries back home frequently to family. Without conducting thorough research, they often stick to the conventional but expensive methods for transferring funds to the family.


You can decrease your funds transferring costs substantially by converting from conventional methods to online money transfers. 


The easiest and feasible method for sending and receiving remittances is online money transfer. This method is the cheapest way to transfer funds in time internationally.


Benefits of Online Money Transfer


By switching to online money transfer you can avail the following benefits.


Enjoy the best exchange rates

Online money transfers to Nigeria from the UK can put a strain on the sender’s pocket if they opt for wire transfers. Banks and wire transfers often offer exchange rates that vary greatly compared with the market rates. You can find some of the best exchange rates with online money transfer services where you save money as well as earn benefits through promotional offers.


Experience swift transfers

Online money transfer offers a much faster option than wire and bank transfers. A usual international wire transfer would take around 4 to 5 business days to deliver the funds. Sometimes, the process can get delayed further due to factors such as bank holidays, etc. Online money transfer is pretty quick and swift in comparison to the conventional methods. It is an ideal option for times of emergency. 


Brand Repute and Reliability

There are many online money transfer companies that have been in the business for decades. These big names such as ACE have millions of regular users. These companies offer safe and reliable online money transfers to Nigeria and other countries. 


24/7 Service

One of the most appealing benefits of online money transfers is that you do not have to worry about different time zones. This service is available at all hours throughout the week. That means no inconveniences such as waiting for the official bank hours. You can transfer funds with ease in the comfort of your home.


How do avail lowest transfer fees with online money transfer?

Online money transfer services are already pretty cheap as compared to banks and other methods. However, there are some ways to further get the transfer fees declined.


Choose wisely

There are plenty of online money transfer companies but it is essential to choose the one that offers the lowest transfer rates. ACE Money Transfer is the most reputed but cheapest service provider for online money transfer to Nigeria and many other countries. You can enjoy a fee-free first transaction when you sign up with ACE for the first time. 


Participate in promotional offers

Look out for the promotional offers of companies. These offers may include many catchy deals such as discounted transfer fees for a certain period of time or free first transaction. ACE Money Transfer has several campaigns and promotional offers running throughout the year. 


Win bonuses and incentives

Another way to further decrease your transfer fees is to become a regular user of one of the money transfer services. Reputed companies always take good care of their returning users and offer bonuses and discounts from time to time.


Best online remittance service provider


ACE Money Transfer is the best way to send money to Nigeria online from the UK. It is a big name in the industry and has been around since 2002. Millions of users trust ACE for international money transfers due to its safe and secure facility. ACE offers the cheapest transfer fees and the best exchange rates for its users. The process of sending and receiving money is extremely easy and convenient for everyone. It is time to switch to ACE for all your international transactions.