How To Send Money Online 24/7 In The Roshan Digital Accounts Through ace money transfer?

Do you want to send money to Pakistan in your bank account? Roshan Digital Account is the latest digital initiation for people from Pakistan and who live overseas. It is from the State Bank of Pakistan. It aims to enabling and facilitating overseas Pakistani to invest, pay and bank in any country.

Having millions of Pakistanis living beyond the border is a dynamic and essential push to a prosperous and developed Pakistan. We will also talk about how to transfer money to Roshan digital account and get you started with the transfer right away.


A total of 8 commercial banks have now become a part of this huge initiative. Let us talk all about the Roshan Digital Account Initiations.


What is Roshan Digital Account?

As said previously, the Roshan Digital Account is a drive to boost the economy of Pakistan by bringing foreign investment through Overseas Pakistanis money transfers to Pakistan. The account may help overseas Pakistanis to invest, bank actively, and send money to Pakistan without being there in person.

The initiative is jointly carried out by eight commercial banks, under the State Bank of Pakistan umbrella now offering the Roshan Digital Account Service. But each bank’s process may vary as per the policies.


How can I send money to Roshan Digital Accounts using ACE Money Transfer?

To start sending money online, all you need to do is follow these steps:

– Create an account using the ACE Money Transfer website portal or app

– Complete your profile suing basic details and identification documents

– Choose your destination country, desired payout option and also enter the receiver’s details

– Pay for your transaction using your Debit or Credit Card or your   Bank Account.


That is it. Your money will be moved from your endpoint to your receiver and you will also be notified all along.


So what kind of information does my receiver need to pick this money up?

For payment collection, the receiver has to give the following details:

– Transaction number

–  Valid national ID card of Beneficiary of the destination country


What are the advantages of transferring money to Roshan digital account?

In Pakistan, the digital era has opened up many significant opportunities by extending an innovative banking solution set for Overseas Pakistanis living outside of Pakistan. Technological innovations have truly revolutionized the banking industry covering many services.


– Compete for a digital account:

Roshan Digital Accounts is the complete digital solution. From creating an account to managing its services offered, this initiative is supported by many FinTech players in the industry to accommodate the overseas Pakistanis. The main purpose is to enable you to send money to Pakistan online without any delay and fear of fraud.


The Roshan Digital Account allows expatriates to make their payments to people and funds withdrawal in Pakistani currency.

– Swift account creation:

Overseas Pakistanis may create the Roshan Digital Account without being physically there at a selected bank. Individuals may obtain a verified account in only 48 hours after actively submitting the required documents.


– No minimum balance requirements:

Roshan Digital Account holders may withdraw funds without even worrying about retaining the lowest minimum balance. Take, for example, if an account holder wishes to draw out all of the funds from a digital account, they may do so without any restrictions of retaining a specific amount to keep their account active.


– Easy investments in real estate:

In association with the State Bank of Pakistan, the Government of Pakistan has now inaugurated a service that contributes to quick and effortless real estate investments. The smallest period needs to invest in real estate is three years. After completing this time, the investor can make investments in the real estate market.

These are the many benefits to cash and online transfer money to Pakistan into Roshan digital account, and you must be prepared to avail of all of its services; hence get ahead. Use ACE Money Transfer to proceed with all of your payments.