How to send money to Bangladesh online

How to send money to Bangladesh

Bangladesh remittance showed a brisk up stick in 2018. Bangladesh has been recognized as the ninth highest recipient of remittance. In South Asia, Bangladesh ranking third after India and Pakistan respectively. According to the World Bank statistics, Bangladesh received $15.5 billion in remittance last year (2018) which is more than 15% of the past few years of remittance. Here you can find the best transfer service to send money to Bangladesh online. You can transfer money to Bangladesh from your desired online money transfer service.

What are the ways of sending money to Bangladesh Online?


This is one of the fastest platforms for money transfer. You can easily send your money to Bangladesh. They offer you to send money form four different ways. These are cash pickup, bank transfer, mobile money, and Airtime top-up. You can send money to all major banks in Bangladesh, and your transaction is completed in 3 business days. For the cash pickup, your transaction is completed within three working days. You can pick up your cash for more than 15 locations. For mobile money, you can use Rocket Mobile and bKash Mobile. For the Airtime top-up, you can use approximately 6 networks for this service. This is a fast, secure and reliable money transfer service.


They provide super rates and low fees to send money to Banglalies. TRANSFAST offers you one package named Value+ and transaction completed by this package in 3 to 5 business days. For the instant bank transfer, they have a strong network with BRAC Bank. For bank deposits, they have a strong network to more than 20 banks. Delivery options offered by TRANSFAST are bank transfer and cash pickup. For the bank deposit, your transaction will be completed in 2 days. For the cash pick up, they have approximately 10,000 locations nationwide. They provide you with convenience and security. They provide you money-back guarantee feature.

XOOM- A PayPal service

It’s easy to send money to Bangladesh from XOOM. They offer fast bank deposits, instant cash pickup and 2 days deposit. For the fast bank deposits, you can send money to Social Islami bank accounts or Sonali bank accounts in Bangladesh. For the cash pickup, there are approximately 6,000 agent locations. Two-day deposits for the other banks in Bangladesh. They give you security and money-back guarantee. You can keep track of our transactions.


This is a fast, convenient and cheap way to send money to Bangladesh. AZIMO offers different offers to send money to Bangladesh that are Direct to the bank, Cash pick-up, SWIFT, and Mobile top-up. Direct to bank deposit completed in 24 hours. The cash pickup transaction is done in 30 minutes. SWIFT is completed in an instant.

Ria Money Transfer

RIA money transactions are safe and reliable. It is one of the oldest money transfer services. In this sense they are reliable. You can pay for your transfer with 7-Eleven


They provide you with the best exchange rates, fast and secure online money transfer service. Money sent by the TransferWise is delivered locally. The fee is transparent and visible on their website. This service is safe and speedy and convenient to use. They have amazing user reviews on Trustpilot.

Some other ways to send money to Bangladesh

Some people are not well to use online money transfer service. Because they think this is not a secure method. For all peace of mind, there are some other methods are discussed.

Banks: This is a well-known way to send money abroad. But they charge a high fee to transfer money and currency exchange. However, you have to talk to your account manager to do this process.

Others are Foreign Exchange Brokers, checks and telegraphs.

ACE Money Transfer

If you don’t want to use the money transfer services stated here you can choose another one.

ACE Money Transfer you can send money online with the lowest fee. It sends money in an instant. It provides the best exchange rates because they make sure to send your money through optimal exchange rates. They provide you with multiple payment methods. Those are instant cash pickup and bank transfer. All the transactions made are safe and secure. You can track your transaction by the tracking number for your peace of mind. You can send money to Bangladesh, as well as the countries of Europe, Africa, North America, and Asia. This is convenient and easy to use. It is verified by VISA, MasterCard, and Trustly. They provide you with the two delivery options. These are cash pickup and bank transfer.

Cash Pickup in Bangladesh

Instantly transfer money to Bangladesh. Cash will be ready to pick up instantly when you create a transaction, from the braches of the different banks. As many of these banks which you should be aware of are as follows,

  • Jamuna Bank Limited Bangladesh
  • UCBL Bangladesh
  • NCC Bank
  • Exim Bank Bangladesh
  • First Security Bank Bangladesh
  • Union Bank Bangladesh,
  • The Farmers Bank Limited Bangladesh
  • Modhumati Bank Limited Bangladesh
  • Meghna Bank Limited Bangladesh
  • Southeast Bank Limited Bangladesh
  • One Bank Ltd Bangladesh
  • Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited Bangladesh
  • Mercantile Bank Limited Bangladesh

Bank Deposit to Bangladesh

This is a secure and cheap way to send money to all banks in Bangladesh. All those banks are categorized in commercial bank list. The money will be deposited into the 1 to 3 business days when the transaction is made. They transfer Money for bank deposits to Bangladesh against the best exchange rates and lowest Fee. You can see the daily exchange rates on the website of ACE Money Transfer.

From the trust point of view, Success is measured by the years experienced. ACE Money Transfer has completed its 17 years of Excellence. You can use all and attain all the services and features on the ACE Money Transfer app. ACE Money Transfer has an amazing rating on google play store and app store. They respond to each of its users who are commenting or asking for help to solve their problem. They provide awesome customer support on all social platforms. People prefer it because they do transactions against the best exchange rates and low fees.