How to Send Money to Bangladesh with the Easier Way?

Bangladesh ranks in 11th place as a country that receives most of the remittance globally. Do you want to send money to Bangladesh? Yes! You can send money too quickly because ACE Money Transfer proudly offers its services with your desired payout partners in Bangladesh. You can send money online to Bangladesh through many money transfer services.

NCC Bank with ACE Money Transfer

ACE presents NCC Bank is the new remittance payout partner in Bangladesh. It has 31,440 plus branches nationwide. You can do bank deposits, and cash picks up through ACE Money Transfer to NCC Bank. You find the best service here.

NCC Bank Limited or National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited is a Bangladeshis private commercial bank.

Al Arafah Bank with ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer presents Al Arafah Bank as the new remittance payout partner in Bangladesh. It has more than 385 branches nationwide. You can do cash pick up and bank deposits to Al Arafah Bank through ACE Money Transfer. They also provide the best service.

Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited is a sharia bank in Bangladesh. A sharia council of the bank is responsible for ensuring the bank activities meet all sharia requirements.

What Are Some Facts of Bangladesh Remittance?

In 2018, sending money to Bangladesh shows a blistering uptick. Its remittance grows by about 7 percent. Personal remittances receive in current USD is 15,562,375.12 in 2018, estimated by the World Bank staff.

Bangladesh is the 3rd largest remittance recipient in South Asia. In worldwide among countries, it places in 11th which receives most of the remittance.

Other Organizations to Send Money Online

Many money transfer services are there to send money online to Bangladesh. Some are listed below:

  • XOOM
  • WorldRemit
  • Ria Money Transfer
  • TransferWise
  • Money Gram

How to Send money to Bangladesh through ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money transfer is providing you with the best options for money transfer to Bangladesh, which makes customers more relaxed. Delivery options that ACE provides are Cash pickup and bank deposit.

You can make transactions from their website or through their app. Go to the website or app, click the transaction option and select the amount and country. After that write the detail about the recipient. Then make confirmation of your transaction. And that’s it.

What are the Cash Pickup Locations in Bangladesh?

You can instantly transfer your money to Bangladesh. Cash will be instantly ready to pick up. After making the transaction, you can pick up money from any branch of the following bank:

  1. Exim Bank – Bangladesh
  2. First Security Bank – Bangladesh
  3. Union Bank – Bangladesh
  4. Mercantile Bank Limited – Bangladesh
  5. Jamuna Bank Limited – Bangladesh
  6. UCBL – Bangladesh
  7. The Farmers Bank Limited – Bangladesh
  8. Modhumati Bank Limited – Bangladesh
  9. Meghna Bank Limited – Bangladesh
  10. Southeast Bank Limited – Bangladesh
  11. One Bank Ltd – Bangladesh
  12. NCC Bank – Bangladesh
  13. Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited – Bangladesh

ACE Money Transfer connections with a considerable number of banks. It makes it easy to transfer money anywhere in Bangladesh.

Bank Deposit to Bangladesh

Transfer money to all commercial banks in Bangladesh. Use this secure and cheap way for money transfer to Bangladesh. They make it happen at the lowest fee and high exchange rates. Your money will be deposited into the receiver’s bank account in 1 to 3 business days.

Best about ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is providing you with the service to send money to Bangladesh at any time with the lowest fee. You can do hassle-free transactions with ACE Money Transfer. They make it sure to with most of your money through optimal exchange rates, so that you get the best exchange rate.

They provide you with multiple payment options like Bank transfer and cash pick-up for Bangladesh. 

For the ease of customers

You can download the ACE Money Transfer app from the App Store and the Google Play Store. You can make the transactions through the ACE Money Transfer App. Track your transactions through the ACE Money Transfer website. They provide this feature for the customer’s peace of mind.

Your details are summarized in the app, like, your profile name and account details. How many transactions you have made till now and to whom. Their app has an excellent rating and amazing reviews.

What’s new on ACE Money Transfer?

ACE has a user-friendly interface for their customers that looks modern, eye-catching and easy. The existing interface is also very understandable and user-friendly.

Transferring money to Bangladesh was always a big challenge for people in the past. They always search for some quick and reliable methods to send money to Bangladesh online and make their daily buying and purchase easy and prefer money transfer on time. With the new methods and ways for online money transfer to change the vision of a common man and become significant, people can now send and receive their salaries, money orders, incentives, etc. to and from anyone around the globe.

Sending money online to some extended places is somewhat a risky task commonly when you are new to such things. Many websites are there to guide you on how to send money to Bangladesh online, but most of them have incomplete data. In such cases, you need to have full knowledge about the companies that are providing these services.

There are some key elements to different companies when you are ongoing, selecting one while sending money globally. These are:

What is Money Exchange Rate?

Different companies offer different exchange rates for customers. For finding the best company where can get your work done at a lower cost as possible, it is essential to compare the margins between the different exchange rates of other companies.

What is Transfer Fees to Send Money Online?

In addition to the exchange rate to send money online, the transfer fee also differs for different companies. Some companies charge this fee according to the amount of money to send money globally. For a large amount, there is a high fee and vice versa. But some providers charge a flat fee. So it is important to find such companies who charge less compared to others.

Transfer Rate

There are some cases where the transfer is needed to be urgent. The urgent transfer charges are higher, but speed is ensured. The companies like MoneyGram and Western Union are there for such cases where the money is sent within minutes.

What is Sending and Receiving Money Options?

Depending on the nature of the company, there are different options for paying and delivering money. Some allow credit card payments others make call payments or through apps accordingly, to your feasibility. So, pick any desired option.

Girdle Option

Many people have the perception of sending money online ahead of time with the hope of saving themselves from the alterations in the market while getting into a forward contract.

Client’s Assistance

Most money transfer service providers like WorldRemit, TransferWise, Western Union, and ACE Money Transfer work on their service of customer support. They try to establish strong relationships with clients to get their loyalty and support by using every day of the week and any hour of the clock. They respond to their valuable clients in the nick of time and thus maintain a good and reliable correlation.

Why Transactions Needed for Bangladesh?

People fall into the need to transfer money to other places from time to time, especially in the state of Bangladesh. With the comfort of having able to send money online, this need can be enhanced by sending money to friends or family members and even to businesses with the help of online money transfers. Apart from the indulgence of the provider and the recipient, there is a third party association in this whole procedure.

The sender can transfer the money through the bank or by any other service provider. The company gives the assurance of the safe and secure transfer of the money to the given recipient.

Recipient Information

The sending of money online needed the sender to communicate with any of the third parties, be it a bank or a service provider. For this purpose, the sender can have communication with the service provider face to face, through a phone call or by online means, e.g. email video call, etc.

The transfer could be of cash or value through a bank account or online money transfer to Bangladesh. In any case, the service provider makes money available for the recipient by either through a bank deposit or by cash pick up at some agent’s location.

Money Transfer Firms

Along with other so many assistance, the banks also provide the option for its clients to be able to send money online to their selected persons. Though at other services where one might find banks very helpful, the use of money transfer by the banks is not quite preferable especially given the fact that there are other money transfer services to be considered.

Talking about sending money to Bangladesh, most of the UK banks are there to transfer money and funds to people and organizations in Bangladesh respectively. But drawbacks are using these services through some banks. The transfer charge is sometimes higher than reasonable, especially when compared to other money transfer service providers.

Also, there is a disadvantage that the exchange rate is kept so low matching the rate of the mid-market. Even the rate used for the interchange between the banks and the service providers themselves is greater than the rate offered by banks for sending money online.

Fine Utilities of ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is working in this field for a long era and providing its complete services and support to the people and yield positive responses and healthy relations with its clients. Depending upon its transaction assistance people can easily rely on it for their daily transfers and gain its maximum benefits and ease by sitting in their home comfort and pleasure. For anyone who is considering sites about sending money online for free, the ACE Money Transfer is a brilliant answer for them. ACE Money Transfer is functional in over 90 countries all over the world. So it is likely wherever you are, your country might fall into these countries with these facilities.

The trustable and authentic website and medium on which anyone can rely easily is ACE money transfer. It provides thousands of ways to transfer your amount safely and securely without charging any extra amount and maintain a good relationship with its client. People all around the world have started trusting and using it.