How to send money to Gambia? Common Things to Remember

There are many reasons why you would need to send money to Gambia, ranging from purchasing a house in another country to sending funds to help your family back home. However, it is different to send foreign money to your buddy for dinner via an app on your telephone or transferring money from one bank account to another.

When it comes to online money transfer to Gambia, there are several solutions available. Because of advanced technologies, digital providers typically deliver a quicker and less expensive way to transfer money abroad than banks and traditional providers.

To meet the increasing demand for remittances in Gambia, services such as ACE Money Transfer have excellent features, payment, and pick-up options.

If you’re sending big or small sums of money, a specialised money transfer service would almost always be the most cost-effective alternative.

How long would it take to send money?

International bank transactions can take longer than anticipated, depending on the bank. If you’ve sent your transfer order, the bank will proceed as normal. Each bank has its own cut-off deadline, which ensures that if a request is not made by the cut-off time, it will not be accepted until the next business day. Most overseas bank transfer times are quoted as 1-5 business days from there.

Exchange Charges

When exchanging money abroad, keep in mind that your local bank would need to exchange your currency into foreign currency to transfer it. When initiating foreign transactions, various banks can use different exchange rates and may have different exchange rates. Before making an internal money transfer, we suggest consulting with your bank to see if they have any special conditions or penalties about exchange rates.