How to Send Money to Gambia?                           

How to send money to Gambia in minutes to your loved ones is a common question for every Gambian who is far away from the native land for the very first time. It often comes in mind, when they are doing some job, and have to send money through a service provider.

Why not choosing a reputed company that offers a quick, secure, and cost-effective way to send money online to Gambia? By paying little attention to its customers that with the eyes blink, the happiness delivers to the beneficiaries. The smile on the beneficiary’s face is always the earning for the sender, especially if the receiver is spouse, children, parents and siblings.

You have to visit first, upon request to send money online to Gambia to your friends and family members, later on, you will visit on your experience. Reputed companies earn the trust of the customers with reliable and timely services through their network across UK & EEA states.

Reliable companies like ACE Money Transfer will not charge any hidden charges on online money transfer to Gambia. No fee will be charged at the Payout side. They offer attractive and best exchange rates and assure you a quick and secure way to send and receive money.

While choosing a company, make sure they are available 24/7 to help you. Also, they must have a dedicated support team to assist you in the case of any query. You may contact through call, chat, and email.

What are the Sending Methods for Gambia?

For the last few years, globally renowned money transfer companies offer their services through multiple remittance options based on customer’s need and for the convenience to beneficiaries. If you are living abroad, then choose the below method to send money to Gambia at the best possible rates and timely delivery of your promises.

Send Through a Website

  1.  You can send money to Gambia online through a company’s website at any time from the comfort of your home or anywhere else by using a laptop, desktop PC, or tablet.

Send by App

  1.  If you are in a rush, and on the go, then you can save your time by using mobile money transfer app to transfer money through your device.


What is the Process of Money Transfer to Gambia?

Following a few simple steps, you need to complete for the convenient, hassle-free online money transfer,



Step 1 – Sign up / Create your account by visiting the website. it is a very easy, quick and simple process,

Step 2– Add details of the person that you wish to send money to.

Step 3– Securely complete your transfer through service providers from your Debit/Credit Card or Bank Account and simply press the send button to enjoy remittance services.

How to Receive Money in Gambia?

Usually, money transfer companies value your money and guarantee the secure transfer at any cost. Sender just needs to provide his or her bank account details, credit card number or debit card number to select the amount you would like to transfer. Usually, money transfer companies offer the ideal rates and charge a nominal fee for the transfer. The amount will directly transfer to the beneficiary’s account.

Cash Pickup is a preferred method because it doesn’t require any bank account from the side of the receiver. The money will collect by the beneficiary through cash pickup from all payout locations nationwide. A receiver just needs to visit the payout location having a 14 digits pin code and the required original identity documents.

Always choose a secure option for sending money online to Gambia. ACE Money Transfer is the right company that securely and quickly transfer your money to your love ones. They offer a reliable and cost-effective way to send money to Gambia.

When you transfer money to your loved ones, regardless of whether you’re assisting with unexpected emergencies, covering household expenses, sending a present to a family member or just helping a friend, always make it easy, fast and convenient. This has made the whole process of making online money transfer very simple and easy. Simply Sign Up with the website or money transfer app to become an online member.

Instant cash pickup is one of the most preferred payout methods in Gambia. A reliable money transfer company enables beneficiaries to collect the money in cash within minutes. When you send money, you receive a pin code, which you need to share with the beneficiary. They can take advantage of our affiliation with Wari in Niger, allowing them to collect their money by providing valid ID and pin code from any nearest Wari location.

Why Online Money Transfer is the Most Convenient Way for Sending Money to Gambia?

Online money transfer is the most convenient and the best approach to send money internationally with a minimal upfront fee merely depending upon the route. You will have complete peace of mind, when you send money online, with incredibly low and competitive exchange rates.

Digital payments are the best with the fastest services to send money when all the factors are considered. Service providers ensure convenience for you to get your money to the final destination within minutes. 

The mix of competitive low cost, predictability, fastest speed makes online money transfer the best considering.

What are the Common Reasons for Sending Money to Gambia?

Some of the reasons are given below for your ease.

  • Family Support

A large number of Gambians transfer money to their loved ones back home just to support them. This may include daily grocery expenses, bills payment and anything that is a need of a home.

  • Savings and Investments

Gambians in foreign countries want to establish their lives and their families back home. Due to several economic issues, many Gambians try to move to a stable country. When they sending money back home, their family members often try to save the money for the future. Some of them invest in different productive areas.

  • Education and Tuition Expenses

Due to the lower standard of living, most families in Gambia find themselves in a difficult situation to pay for education fee. This affected their ability to send their children to good schools. It takes remittances from relatives in foreign countries to keep children in school.