How to send money to Ghana mobile wallet?

Do you ever think about how to send money to Ghana? In this article, we will throw light on the ways to send money into the mobile wallet of someone who is residing in Ghana. Ghana is one of the Sub Saharan African countries which has seen the development and evolution of online money transfer much later than the rest of the world as well as the rest of the countries in the African region. There is an entire range of reasons for this delay but primarily this delay can be attributed to the political instability giving birth to stalled economic activity in the country which in turn impeded infrastructural development and pushed Ghana several years backwards.

Let’s now take a look at the definition of a mobile wallet.

Mobile wallet: – A mobile wallet is a technology that can turn your mobile phone into a virtual wallet through which you can carry out your day to day financial activities. This can include but is not limited to, making credit card payments.

Now let’s take a look at the benefits money transfer to Ghana and mobile wallets have on offer for businesses as well as individuals.

Rapid growth: – A report published in the month of November in the year 2020 revealed that by the end of the same year, around 760 million people from across the globe would have registered themselves as mobile wallet users. This is no small number considering the fact that many countries around the world are still resisting emerging technologies one way or the other owing to a host of reasons. And besides, it only makes sense for all the companies and businesses spread across the world in different countries to allow payments through mobile wallets.

Swift Transaction: – These mobile wallets allow users swift transactions which are faster than the payments made through a debit card or a credit card and have created ease and convenience for the customers.

Good replacement: – Mobile wallet may turn out to be a nice replacement for debit cards. Technically, mobile wallets are an extension of debit cards and since the generation Z is addicted to carrying their phones with them every single moment of their lives, so, it seems in the fitness of things that this generation and the ones to come will not bother to carry their physical wallets with them when they know with confidence that they can make an online money transfer to Ghana or elsewhere through their mobile wallets anytime.

Mobile apps: – All it takes to get a mobile wallet is an app. And this app is going to be just a simple addition to the dozens of apps people are used to using on their smartphone handsets.

Security: – There has always been a margin of a security breach while carrying financial transactions through a credit card. But, mobile wallets have now marginalized those security risks and security breaches as these virtual wallets are protected with a multi-layer of passcodes, thumb impressions and face scans which are way too difficult to break and breach.

Loyalty: – The fact that these wallets have created immense convenience for the customers, the loyalty of the customers is turning into an unwavering one towards these mobile wallets.

Some of the globally renowned mobile wallet companies are Apple Pay; PayPal; Google Pay; Click to Pay and Amazon Pay.

Here are the steps required to send money to a mobile wallet in Ghana.

  • Open an account with the company of your choice;
  • Log into your account;
  • Choose the mobile wallet option from the service options;
  • Enter details of the recipient;
  • Select the currency;
  • Select the amount;
  • Go through all the steps you have taken so far, to be on the safe side;
  • Hit transfer.

The sender and the beneficiary will receive an SMS alert once the transaction completes.

Conclusion: – We have learnt by now the necessary steps you are required to take in order for you to send money to Ghana online in a mobile wallet. And not only that, it is extremely easy and convenient for the customers and users of this technology hence the exponential growth in the number of its users.