How to send money to Ghana online from the United Kingdom

According to National Statistics of uk, more than 114,000 Ghananian live in United Kingdom. If you are a Ghanaian living in the United Kingdom and want to send money home to your family, relatives, or friends, you can do so through bank to bank transfers, money transfer services, or mobile wallet deposits. We’ve included some helpful hints on how to send money to Ghana below.

  • Inter-bank Wire Transfers
  • Money Transfer Companies

Reason to choose Money transfer companies to send money to Ghana

Everyone is looking for easy or convenient way to send money to Ghana online, right?

So, when sending your next remittance to your loved ones in Ghana, why not use money transfer services? The following are some of the reasons:

  • Reasonable Transaction Fees
  • Better Exchange Rates
  • Instant Transfer
  • Almost every country has transfer company

With ACE Money Transfer you can collect cash from any partner bank location or you can get directly into your wallet or bank account.