How to Send Money to Nepal?

The major reason to introduce online money transfer is customer satisfaction. Whoever wants to send money to Nepal, secure and speedy remittance are necessary. Sending money is just much more than the value of the money when it reaches safely at speed of just seconds to your loved ones using technologically advanced platforms.

Can You Send Money Online Any Time with the Lowest Fee?

When you send money to Nepal, it enables you to start sending money after login your credentials or create your account, starting with your name and email address. You need to enter the amount you want to transfer, to whom it’s going to and where it’ll receive in Nepal. Send money conveniently online, through bank account, credit/debit card and that’s it. This service ensures independence, transparency and verifiable criteria in lowest fee and competitive exchange rate.

How to Send Money to Nepal with the experience of Online Money Transfer?

There is a wide range of options when it comes to money transfer to Nepal. Usually, it is a great help for you discover the cheapest, fastest, and safest transaction.

  1. You can transfer money by enjoying great transfer fee.
  2. Transfer your money with App, Online, or at agents’ locations
  3. Get money straight to your family or loved ones’ bank account

Online money transfer is often transparent to show you real-time exchange rates, all the fees, hidden conversion costs, and percentage fees that it charges for your money transfers.

How to Receive Money in Nepal?

The money you sent is deposited and available instantly to your beneficiary from the choice of convenient local options. Receiver can receive money direct to local currency from registered bank account or payout location anywhere in Nepal.

How Online Transactions Are Secure Means of Sending Money?

Online money transfer is considered the secure and most reliable channels for sending money to Nepal. The customers can track the transaction throughout and are notified, through a code.

Transparency and secure money transfer are extremely important to us and companies like ACE Money Transfer do not compromise on these things no matter what. Make the right choice to send your money with ease.

There are numerous payout locations to facilitate online customers in Nepal. Choice is your for instant cash pickup and bank transfer. Companies have strong tie ups with Banks in Nepal, such as, Interbank Nepal, BCP (Bance de creditito Del Pero) Nepal and Jet Nepal, Union express Nepal. Cash pickup is extremely convenient for the receivers in Nepal. Simply visit your nearest branch of these banks and get the money on the spot. ACE Money Transfer ensure you get the fastest and most secure money transfers with the huge network across the world. They also take pride in ensuring that it reaches the beneficiary safely and in a matter of moments.

Online transactions are one stop solution for all your international money transfers. If you want to send money to Nepal online, it makes your transactions simpler and safer. This is specially designed to ensure that your money is handled with the utmost care and reaches its destination securely.

How to Receive Money in Nepal?

With an extensive number of instant cash pickup locations and banks, you can send and receive money easily without going any extra mile. Also with the best exchange rates, fastest services, highly secure systems, and smooth processes, this service has made the mark and proved that in the world.

ACE Money Transfer Fast, Easy & Secure

Online money transfer is fast, as your transferred amounts are received within few minutes, so your money will be there in no time wherever they are in Nepal.

It is easy just you need to set up and send your transfer in seconds with just your name and email address – that’s all you need. This is a secure industry-leading technology, secures your money, your details. All you need is a service provider that is able to do it.

How to Receive Money in Nepal?

To send money to Nepal you can use the method of a bank transfer. A bank deposit is not only a safe medium for sending the money but at the same time it also ensures transparency. Other than being safe, another advantage of the bank transfer method for sending money to Nepal is the fact that it is the choice of many customers. The money is sent to receiver’s bank account within twenty-four working hours, so the customers do not have to visit a payout location for collecting the money. This can be received any time of the day.

With cash pickup and bank deposit, it is easier to do money transfer to Nepal with ease. Companies offer these excellent options to settle the remittance with the beneficiaries and is constantly increasing.

What are the Popular Options to Send Money Online?

When we hear the name online money transfer, we mostly think about sending money through a website or a money transfer app. Both methods are easier and highly popular, especially in the younger generation. People living abroad often use app and website, because these methods are less costly too. The exchange rates and fee applied on the transactions are mostly attractive.

·       Send Money through a website

The customers in UK and other countries of Europe make secure online transactions every day by relying on online money transfer. And the best part is, if you have an online account, you can start sending money to Nepal right now with your options right at your fingertips.

·       Send Money through App

With a money transfer App, conveniently transfer your money to Nepal, and track your transactions right from your phone.

ACE Money Transfer – Experiencing Continuous growth

ACE Money Transfer became a leading remittance services provider to an extensive number of countries in 5 Continents (Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America & Europe) in a short period of time and experiencing a continuous growth and is continuously growing. When it comes to send money online, their exchange rates are often better than many companies in the industry.