How to send money to Nepal online

send money to Nepal

Nepal making a place in the 19th position as the country that received the biggest beneficiary funds, sent by migrants around the world. Nepali migrant workers sent $8.1 billion in 2018 to their home country, according to the World Bank statistics. As a share of gross domestic product (GDP), the top recipients are smaller countries Nepal included in those countries, according to the World Bank report. Do you think to send money to Nepal online is a difficult task with a low or high fee headache? No, you can find the best online money transfer service named ACE Money Transfer.

Ways to send money to Nepal online

Some online money transfer services to send money are given here:


This is a low-cost remittance service. Delivery options given by the TRANSFAST are cash pickup and bank deposits. For the bank deposits, your transaction will be completed in 3 to 5 working days. You can send money to all major banks in Nepal. These banks are approximately 70 in numbers just for Nepal. For the cash pick up, there are approximately 19,000 locations nationwide. Cash will be ready to pick up at your selected location. It provides you with secure and convenient to use.


WorldRemit is a proud partner with Arsenal. This is a fast secure and flexible service to send money to Nepal. They provide you with the service of Airtime top-up, cash pickup, and bank transfer.

For the bank transfer to Nepal transaction completed on the same day. It sends money to all major banks in Nepal. For the cash pickup, the transaction will be completed within minutes. You can pick up cash from the three banks and as well as their branches. Air time top-up done in minutes.

XOOM- A PayPal service

It is the easiest way to send money to Nepal. You can pay for your transaction from credit card, debit card and from the bank. XOOM offers many delivery options that are instant bank deposit, instant cash pickup, and 1-day deposit.

For the instant bank deposit, you can send money to Everest bank account in second, 365 days means a whole year. For the instant cash pickup, there are 4,600 payout locations. You can avail 1-day deposit service probably Himalayan Bank, Laxmi Bank, and Nepal Investment Bank.


They have 6 million customers and provide the best exchange rates. When you transfer money through TransferWise, money is locally delivered. There is no hidden fee because all the rates are transparent on their website. You can set up a free account to attain all the services. This is a safe and speedy service for your transaction.

Prabhu Money Transfer

This is a safe, easy and legal way to send money to Nepal. They provide you with the best customer support. Best Exchange rates are guaranteed by them.

Most of the popular online money transfer services use the Prabhu network to send money to Nepal. In this sense, Prabhu Money Transfer is a good choice.


Instarem provides you with zero margin-FX rates and easy rates. They give you loyalty points at the time people transfer or join. They provide a low remittance fee and no hidden charges.

Other options to send money to Nepal

Somehow, there are some people who don’t want to use online money transfer services. For their peace of mind, some other methods are listed: Banks and checks are the other ways to send money to Nepal.

ACE Money Transfer

From the ACE Money Transfer, you can send money online with the lowest fee. This is a secure and easy way to send money to Nepal. With ACE Money Transfer you just have to Choose Country & Amount after that Choose Your Recipient and third step is you are able to send money around the globe. You can keep track of your money.

People prefer it because of the key features

People want to use it because they provide the best exchange rates by sending our money through optimal exchange rates. ACE Money Transfer provides you with an instant cash pickup and bank transfer. They send your money fastly.

Cash pickup in Nepal

ACE Money Transfer provides you with the facility of instant money transfer to Nepal. You can pick up your cash from the listed banks as well as from their branches through ACE Money Transfer. Some of the examples are as below:

  • Citizens Bank International Ltd Nepal
  • Mega Bank Nepal
  • Araniko Development Bank Ltd Nepal
  • Century Commercial Bank Limited Nepal
  • Siddhartha Bank Nepal,
  • Best Remit Nepal

Bank deposit to Nepal

ACE Money Transfer has a strong network connection with banks in Nepal that made your transaction flawless. When you made a transaction your money for the purpose of the transaction will be deposited into the receiver account within 1 to 3 business days. This is a secure and cheap way to transfer money to Nepal. ACE Money transfer will provide you with the best exchange rates and low fees.

More details

You can download the ACE Money transfer app from Google play store or from the App store. Good or bad statistics are proof of success or not successful. They have amazing ratings and reviews on their apps. They have amazing Trustpilot reviews. You can check the daily exchange rates on their website for Nepal or any other country you want. And if you are registered with them you can check the exchange rates on your Facebook feed.

Recently ACE Money Transfer completed its 17 years of success. They do a lot for their customers. For example in Pakistan, a person won a Brand new Suzuki car in the lucky draw held in MCB by ACE Money Transfer. They complete 50 years of a person in Pakistani cricket fan named chacha cricket happens to visit the stadium to see the cricket match. Now they are displaying an offer that sends money to get a chance to win iPhone 11pro every week, Isn’t it astonishing.

They provide you with awesome customer support. This is easy to use. ACE Money Transfer is verified by MasterCard, VISA, and Trustly.