How to Send Money to Nigeria in the Best Way?

A country in West Africa is the top 5th country in the world that receives a lot of remittances. Its name is Nigeria. Its consignment is rising from the past two decades from when online money transfer service comes on the market. But the cost of money transfer to Nigeria is still high. But the charge may vary on the method you choose to send money to Nigeria.

What Is a Cost-Effective Way to Send Money to Nigeria?

There is a need to have a look at the significant ways used to send money online. Different kinds of methods preferred by different types of people. Let’s have a look at those:


Indeed, banks are the most traditional way to transfer money to Nigeria. Banks are mostly used by the important old ones who use to send money through this way, and it is hard to accept change.

There are some facts to use a bank on which we must have an eye on. Banks are suitable for domestic transactions and keeping money but not favourable for international transactions.

When it comes to global sales, banks charge a high fee as compared to other ways used to money transfer to Nigeria. They do not offer a high exchange rate. Not having multiple ways to send money. Not a very quick transaction.

Cheques and Money Orders

Cheques and money orders are one of the oldest ways to send money abroad. But they took much time approximately weeks to reach its recipient. Although it is cheap to send money through this now it is not compatible to use this way to satisfy your needs to send money globally.

Why Online Money Transfer Services Are Best for You?

Online money transfers can be the simplest fastest and cheapest manner to send money to Nigeria if you follow or pick the right one.

Most people are attracted to using them because it sends your money faster and cheaper. If you want all the desirable features on your online money transfer service. Let’s find out how to select a money transfer service.

  • Authenticity and security
  • Assisting in your recipient’s region
  • Asking to pay a reasonable fee
  • offering a high exchange rate
  • Multiple ways to send and receive money
  • Great customer support

Let’s reveal a money transfer service to you that easily enables you to send money online.

Choosing a money transfer company that is renowned worldwide used way to send money online is a right choice. It would be great if they have millions of users around the world, and its reason is they have unimaginably perfect features. Let’s find out what these are.

What is the Importance of Flat Fee?

Senders may be enough happier if they find the low cost to pay without any additional or extra charges. But it is not easy to get a process having features like these.

You certainly know about the online money transfer service. If not, feel lucky for encountering one of the world’s best money transfer companies.

Why Optimal Conversion Rate is A Right Choice?

Are you able to understand why emphasizing on having conversion or exchange rate? Because a high conversion rate ensures that your money exchanges to another currency. But getting it at a low fee is quite tricky. Now creating summery to get a higher exchange rate in a small fee.

What is Useful and Secure Way to Send Money to Nigeria?

It is good to have numerous ways to send money online. So that you can send money Nigeria online in an emergency to your recipient and they can have cash in their hand to face it.

  • Bank transfer: You can send money to your recipient bank account directly via bank transfer option. Just insert some of the necessary banking information that helps to initiate the transaction.

Also, you can quickly pay for your transfer through Credit card, debit card and online bank transfer.

Customer care:

The money transfer company is here to help you any time. You can also download online money transfer app to create a transaction to send money to Nigeria from UK. You can have their support via email and live chat.

How to Send Money Online Any Time with Lowest Fee?

ACE Money Transfer enables you to start sending money after login your credentials or create your ACE account, starting with your name and email address. You need to enter the amount you want to transfer, who it’s going to and where they’ll receive it. Send money conveniently online, bank account, credit/debit card and that’s it. What distinguishes them it that they always ensure the transparency and verifiable criteria in the lowest fee and competitive exchange rate.

How to Send Money with the Experience of ACE Money Transfer?

There is a wide range of options when it comes to money transfer. This helps you discover the cheapest, fastest, and safest one. Some of the benefits of using this services are given below:

  1. You can transfer money by enjoying the great transfer fee.
  2. Transfer your money with the App, Online, or at agents’ locations
  3. Get money straight to your family or loved ones’ bank account
  4. This is transparent to show you real-time exchange rates, all the fees, hidden conversion costs, and percentage fees that they charge for your money transfers.

Receive Money in Nigeria

The money you sent is deposited and available instantly to the beneficiary from the choice of convenient local options. Receiver can receive money direct to local currency from registered bank account. The money can be received by the receiver within twenty-four hours of the transfer so the medium is perfect in case the money needs to be sent on an urgent basis. This simply requires the bank account details for the account to which the money is to be transferred and the money itself. Reputed companies endeavor to transfer funds to your beneficiary from their local currency which speeds up the payment.