How to Send Money to Pakistan Using an Online Money Transfer Service?

In the early 90’s most of the people of Pakistan who were living abroad used conventional methods for money transfer. There was no concept of an online money transfer service at that time. People have to face problems, and there was no such solution to these problems when they send money to Pakistan. Now, the time has changed; the world is shifting towards technology and advancements. Similarly, in the field of money transfer now the conventional methods are replaced by online money transfer service because it has many benefits. Some of them are:

  • As compared to the traditional way you can save a lot of your precious time in money transfer when you are using online money transfer service.
  • Not only you can save your time but also the transfer fee that you have to pay while money transfer is quite lower than the fee you pay while using those conventional methods.
  • Many benefits make online money transfer service better than the old conventional methods for money transfer.

Is Money Transferring Beneficial for The Country?

Overseas Pakistanis are one of the primary sources of income for the country. Most of the overseas Pakistanis are currently living in the UK. According to the 2011 census, more than 1.17 million Pakistani people live in the UK. Each country receives remittance when an overseas person sends money to his homeland. Similarly, Pakistan is among those countries that receive a significant amount as a remittance, according to a study, Pakistani receives $18 billion as a remittance in the year 2017. In contrast, payments from the UK that were received were almost at $324.57 million.

What Are Some Problems That You Face When You Send Money Through Old Methods?

let us discuss the problems that are faced by the Pakistanis living in the UK when they money transfer to Pakistan:

  • Long transfer time has always been a big problem for everyone, even for the one waiting for the money to receive it.
  • Time wastage, as in case you want to send money you have to fill the transfer form and then submit it. It takes a lot of time from your daily life.
  • Minimum cash pick up locations were a huge problem for the recipient, because if the cash pick up location is not anywhere near the recipient, then he/she would have to travel a lot to receive money.

Some of the main problems are discussed above, and now it’s time to find the solution to these problems.

  • Very low/short money transfer time.
  • No hidden tax/fee.
  • Above 270 thousand cash pick up locations around the globe.
  • Multiple currency exchange options that other services do not provide.

How to Send Money to Pakistan from The UK?

Follow the steps described below to send your money to Pakistan from the UK:

  • Download the mobile application of otherwise you should get yourself registered on the website.
  • Enter the details that are required to fill.
  • by clicking the link sent on the email, you provided earlier get yourself verified
  • After the above steps now, you have to enter the amount of money that you want to transfer.
  • Now enter the recipient’s name, address of the recipient, and his/her phone number.
  • In the end, you should select a secure method for cash payment.

After following all these steps now, a notification will let you know about your transferred money within few minutes. This notification will be sent to both the sender and the recipient. In case if you have any problem, our team is always there for your help.

Pakistanis working abroad have always been facing hindrance when they money to Pakistan from the UK, but now due to online money transfer service all of the problems are resolved, not all the online services are providing these services but, company is providing you all these facilities that you needed for a long time.

Why Choose ACE Money Transfer to Send Money to Pakistan?

1. Instant Money Transfers

There come many cases in which the recipient may have to get the payments urgently. For catering to all the urgent transfer related needs, ACE Money Transfer has come up with the most efficient and fastest channel to send money to Pakistan online. You can opt for different options.

The first is to use a wire transfer. Wires are the electronic transfer of funds which is carried out by using different financial institutions linked together. Just open their website/transfer app, choose wire transfer and your payment will be regulated within the same business day.

Second is to attach your credit card with their online money transfer service. In this way, even if you don’t have enough cash in pocket at the time, you will still be able to send your payments without taking a loan from anyone.

Last, ACE Money Transfer has its own urgent transfer service available in Pakistan. As soon as you complete the transfer, the payment reaches the recipient with a few clicks only! No more waiting for days or weeks, as online money transfer is a growing trend. their urgent services are a perfect way out for meeting all urgent requirements from your side.

2. 24/7 Sending Services

If you proceed a money transfer to Pakistan and payment is deducted from your account, it is human nature to stay in wake till the money finally reaches the person on the other side. In case, if any shipments get delayed due to some reason, it caused a lot of anxiety for both the sender and the recipient.

For saying goodbye to post-transfer anxiety, ACE Money Transfer has designed the most efficient money tracking system. After doing a successful transfer, they provide you with an exclusive tracking ID, which can be shared with the recipient as well. So whenever you feel the need to check that when are your payments going to reach,

  • Open their website or transfer app.
  • Go to the section and enter the given ID

These two simple steps will take no longer than 60 seconds but they will surely save you from a lot of stressful hours or days.

3. Value for your Money

Your money is precious thereby they make sure that you spend it where it is valued the most. Many MTOs and banks charge extra money in the disguise of bad exchange rates or non-transparent costing policies. They have the cheapest transfer rates in the industry, starting from as low as 0$ only.

Moreover, their currency conversion rates are optimized. They believe in zero markups and charge for only what they deserve. You don’t have to worry about spending any extra payments at their platform, they have got all this covered for you! The payments shown in the live exchange rate calculators are the same which are received by the other person. No extra charges are added.

To get more insights, get a quote from their website now!