How to Send Money to Pakistan?

Are you looking to send money to Pakistan?

Well, a number of ways are available, such as credit card transfer, debit card transfer, direct bank transfer and a lot more. It is up to you which method you choose or which way is suitable in the country where you are currently living.

What Is the Most Ideal Approach to Send Money to Pakistan from Any European Country or the UK?

If you are in the UK and need to move your hard-earned money to Pakistan, you have three primary choices:

  • Direct cash transfer through an agent
  • Money transfer through a company
  • Wire transfer through a bank

Every method of money transfer has its pros and cons. Bank transfer can be costly, as it may not give you the best rate. Direct cash transfer through an agent can be insecure if the agent is not known to you. Aside from them, money transfer through a company can be ideal, as long as you pick the correct one.

Transferring money through reputed money transfer companies are quicker than sending cheques through banks. With the choice of picking your favorite company with your desired exchange rate, so you can send money easily. While doing research, you must know that you are not in a rush.

Why Sending Money to Pakistan through an FCA Authorized Company is Essential?

A number of money transfer companies authorized by the FCA, assures that your money is safe while it is on the way. A lot of money transfer services in your area means you can avail many benefits, such as better exchange rate and low or no fee. The more you send money the more you can get benefits online. With the help of a reputed company, there is no need to visit a local bank for your day to day transfers.

Picking the right money transfer company by visiting their offices every day would be hectic. Instead, it is good to open your browser and write “money transfer to Pakistan”. Companies on the first and second page of the search engine are often reliable, but still, you need to verify whether FCA approves them or not. This is not just to find a reputable company. It will also help you choose a cheaper company, with respect to exchange rates.

Why Comparing Currency Exchange Rate is Necessary?

There is a lot of choices for transferring your pounds/euros from the United Kingdom or any other European country into Pakistani rupees, and it is essential to compare the currency conversion rate and expenses in the form of fee. Find the best service provider for each transfer.

Regardless of whether you need to send money to a family member or friend, you can have the options of both cash pickup and bank transfer. It is up to you and your receiver, how he or she needs this transfer. A number of banks in Pakistan are providing international remittances, and most of them are connected with different money transfer companies. These banks include Muslim Commercial Bank, Allied Bank, Bank Alfalah, JS Bank, Meezan Bank, Habib Bank, Bank Al-Habib and so on. You can compare the rates, and choose which one has the ideal rate for you.

Among all the service providers we analyzed, one of the least expensive options is ACE Money Transfer. This is the top choice of many expats, who wants better exchange rate and zero-fee (on a certain amount).

How to Transfer Money to Pakistan at the Best Exchange Rate?

  • Check today’s GBP/Euro to PKR
  • Do the research and find out the exchange rates of money transfer companies
  • Pick a service provider for your next transfer
  • Bookmark the service providers that offer your desired exchange rates

After you are sure of the money transfer company, check the exchange rate. Make sure; they are not charging any hidden fee while you make a transfer. Usually, well-known companies show each and everything on their transfer calculator. Still, for the very first time, you need to make sure that.

It would be great if you pick a service provider that offers the most reduced charges and the best GBP/Euro-PKR rate for your money transfer to Pakistan.

Make A Record with The Best Money Transfer Provider

Add a receiver, amount and press send! Without any hurdle or delay your money will be moved to Pakistan at the best rate – that is all you need!

When you are sending money online, then it is really important to check different costs or charges. This is easy to do if you have a list of companies that are sending money to Pakistan online. Do not hesitate to call their customer service if you have some queries that need to be cleared.

Why Are High Exchange Rates Important for a Sender?

GBP/Euro to PKR rate is often the same between many service providers. Still, some companies try to offer a better exchange rate than the market. If they don’t, then it would be difficult to compete with the giants in the market. Also, if you are moving your money outside the country, then often you have to bear some charges in the form of fee. This is other than the conversion of currency. With a lot of options available, online money transfer is much more convenient than considering wire transfer or agent transfer service.

There are always some specific requirements, if you are sending money to Pakistan online. This may fluctuate from company to company. But, if you are sending a considerable amount, then you may need to provide some proofs of your money.

Sending money through a local money transfer agent may take a lot of time – A week or maybe more than that. If you need to transfer your money, then it is a wise choice to consider online money transfer.

Checking exchange rate is one of the priorities before sending money online. After all, you must know how much amount would be transferred to the receiver. This also includes the fee that is applied to the transaction. Some companies like ACE Money Transfer do not charge a fee on Pakistan money transfers.