How to Send Money to Senegal With the Best Option Available in the Market?

Sending money to Senegal is not a hassle in this era. You can send money to Senegal online quickly through an online money transfer service. A well-known online money transfer service ACE Money Transfer that is setting a global name in remittance.

Interesting Facts and Figures to send money to Senegal

Personal remittances received in the current US dollar are 3,802,876.35, estimated by the World Bank staff in 2018.

Different online money transfer services to send money to Senegal

World Remit

Sending money with World Remit

You can send money for the cash pickup. Your transaction completes within minutes. You can transfer money to Senegal through more than 12 banks.

Send money directly to a bank account through bank transfer. You can send money to all major banks in Senegal. The transfer completes within 2 working days.

You can send money to the World Remit Wallet. Transactions completed within minutes. You can also send money to the Airtime top-up. Transfer for this service will complete within minutes.

XOOM- A PayPal service


Sending money with TRANSFAST

For the cash pick up, there are approximately more than 500 locations nationwide.

Money Gram

Sending money with Money Gram

Transfer Wise

Sending money with TransferWise


Sending money with AZIMO

Same-day or next-day payments in major currencies for SWIFT. The delivery time for this service is 24 hours.

ACE Money Transfer

Customer care Services of ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer value its customer privacy, money and account details. That’s why they have developed the best system to ensure that your information remains secured with them. ACE Money Transfer provides the facility to Track Your Transaction for customer’s peace of mind.

They provide you with amazing customer support. On social media platforms, they respond to everyone who is asking to solve the queries that they kept in their minds.

That’s why people are giving a great positive response to them. Also, their services have huge positive ratings. You can download their app to do all the transactions. ACE Money Transfer is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Send Money to Senegal with ACE Money Transfer

Mobile Wallet for Senegal

  • Airtel Money
  • Tigo Money
  • MTN

Cash Pickup for Senegal

  • United Bank of Africa Senegal
  • First Atlantic Bank Senegal
  • Bank of Africa in Senegal
  • Wari Senegal

This is totally hassle-free and easy, and your receiver will receive a 9-digit code instantly after making the transaction.

Bank deposit to Senegal