How To Send Money Without A Bank Account?

Are you in search of sending money to friends or relatives quickly? While a bank account transfer might be your first choice, many people do not have a bank account for many reasons.

According to a recent FDIC poll, more than 9 million Americans fell into this category without bank accounts. The best part is that you have various options for moving funds. We’ll go over some of the cheapest, quickest, and simplest methods to send money to India or any other country without a bank account.

  • Money Order

Money orders function like bank checks but are not tied to any bank account. You purchase one with the money you intend to give someone, sign it and ship it to the appropriate recipient. 

You can purchase money orders in Walmart, CVS, post offices, many grocery stores, and gas stations. They usually cost between $1 and $2. As a result, money orders can be a low-cost and secure alternative to mailing cash. You have a paper trail to account for the money you’re transferring because you receive an actual receipt for the money order. 

Furthermore, you avoid the risk of having your cash lost in the mail or stolen. Also, in most situations, you can cancel a money order as long as the recipient hasn’t cashed it yet.

  • Money Transfer Services 

People have used money transfer services for decades. Numerous trustworthy companies, such as ACE Money Transfer, offer you an option for money transfer to India or any other country without a bank account.

When sending money to someone who doesn’t have a bank account, most money transfer businesses provide several options, including online, over the phone, in person, and even through a money transfer app. Some money transfer services permit you to send and receive cash without a bank account, so neither you nor your recipient will need one.

Fees vary depending on your payment option and kind of reception, so it’s critical to shop around for the finest money transfer service.

  • Walmart-to-Walmart 

The Walmart2Walmart cash transfer program allows customers to send money across store locations or via a mobile application. Transfers can be sent directly from your phone or any Walmart location.

To begin a transfer in-store, produce a photo ID at the customer service desk or money services centre.

Choose the amount you want to send, the Walmart location where the receiver will pick it up, then pay for the transfer with cash or a PIN-protected debit card. There will be a cost for the transfer.

Your recipient can then walk into the selected Walmart location and collect the cash. According to Walmart, most transfers can be ready for pickup in as little as 10 minutes.

  • Prepaid Debit Cards

Banks and financial organisations issue prepaid debit cards, which work similarly to traditional bank cards but do not require a bank account to use. Instead, the individual sending the cash loads money into the card and hands it on to the recipient.

Prepaid debit cards are available online and at significant merchants, gas stations, and convenience stores. To get a prepaid debit card, go to a website or a retail location and pay the amount you want to put on the card with credit, debit, or cash.

You may have to spend a few bucks for the plastic card; however, some dealers will give it to you for free. You or the person you’re sending the card to can reload it. Prepaid debit cards function similarly to conventional debit cards and may provide benefits such as cash back on purchases.


Transferring the money to someone who does not have a bank account may appear to be a complex undertaking, but e-wallets and money transfer services are available to help. We recommend using ACE Money Transfer, for an online money transfer to India

It is the quickest and safest method for your money transfers because of its lowest exchange rates and Zero fee first transaction offer to welcome new customers. So if you do not have a bank account, you can use online money transfer services such as ACE  Money Transfer to send your money right away.