How to send money without a bank account?

Do you wish to send money abroad without a bank account? You need not worry if your beneficiaries don’t have a bank account. There is a more convenient, safe, and secure way available now to transfer money to your family.  

Sending or receiving money without a bank account is not much of a complicated approach, as it is presumed. However, some factors such as the urgent fund’s requirement, affordability, convenience, and security must be considered before selecting the ideal method. Are you worried about how to send money to Bangladesh or other countries without having a bank account?

Here are some of the best options that offer the best and reliable solutions to send money to Bangladesh and other countries without having a bank account. 

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets, also known as e-wallets, are great if you want to send money abroad. Many e-wallets let you use the service without a bank account. However, in some cases, it is needed for both parties to have the same e-wallet for a successful transaction.  

Money Order

The money order is the classic old-fashioned method to transfer money to Bangladesh or any other country. This method is an option to use in case the sender and receiver do not have a bank account. However, it should be kept in mind that a money order is one of the slowest methods and requires an ID for verification before sending and receiving payment.

Online Money Transfer 

The most ideal and recommended method to send and receive money without a bank account is using an online money transfer service. ACE Money Transfer is one of the leading companies providing feasible and smooth online money transfers to Bangladesh and several other countries. It has the trust of millions of users with the best exchange rates and quickest transaction processing features.

Cash Pickup

Another option is to get the money transferred to a cash pickup point. ACE Money Transfer provides ease to users who do not have a bank account to receive money. You can utilize your nearest bank as cash pick up point. 

Credit Cards

ACE Money Transfer allows you to pay through a credit card. This is a convenient method to perform online money transfer to Bangladesh or any other country if you do not have a bank account. ACE ensures fast and reliable service for its users. It offers the best exchange rates with the most convenient money transfer solutions.      

Debit Cards

ACE Money Transfer also allows the usage of prepaid debit cards. It is one of the cheapest methods for international transactions. The user has to make sure their debit card has enough funds for the online money transfer to Bangladesh. Using a prepaid debit card is comparatively safer.

ACE Money Transfer recognizes the requirements of its users that do not hold a bank account and provides extensive support with options for a safe and secure money transfer to Bangladesh and several other countries. If you want to choose a trusted source for hassle-free international money transfer, ACE is the best solution for you.