How to sending of money anonymously online

How to sending of money anonymously online

Sending money to different places has now become a part of daily routine since the emergence of this technique. People often send money to their relatives or friends’ etc. living at distant places from them. Out of privacy or any other reason, some people feel obliged to send money without having to let the recipient know who the sender is. The possibilities in today’s world are not limited and so the sending of money anonymously is also possible in which regard the ACE Money Transfer also has its services.


Using this service, the user can send money to almost anywhere and everywhere around the world. Through this service, money is sent to StealthPay in USD or EURO or in any other currency from which it is converted to an anonymous digital currency called stealth. The money is transferred to the recipient in stealth; afterward, the receiver can convert it into any desirable currency he wants. Through this service, the sender’s true identity remains hidden. For sending money anonymously through StealthPay, all you need is a stealth address or the email address of the receiving person.

For the unidentified sending of money through stealth, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Among the various currencies, select the one you want to pay money through.
  2. Type the amount of money to be sent to the receiver.
  3. Enter the address either stealth or email of the person receiving the money.
  4. You can also put note or reference of any sort for the benefit of stealth. But it is totally optional.
  5. Then enter the email address of yours correctly.
  6. Check thoroughly the terms of service and then confirm the order if you want to.

PayPal Funds

Wherever money transfer services are discussed, PayPal is one prominent name. With the help of PayPal, money can be sent to family or friends or to any desired person anonymously or otherwise. However, in order to avail this service of sending money to others, the users must sign in their email address to avail this service of sending money to other people, where the email address of the receiving person guides this transfer towards the destination. In this way, the recipient is able to avail the funds sent to them on their email addresses on PayPal whenever they log in. the only requirement of sending money anonymously using PayPal is that you must have a right email address of the recipient account on which the money is to be sent.

For making your transfer anonymous, you create a new account with none of your personal information in it. Then use it on PayPal to send money to your recipient without having them know your true identity. Creating a new anonymous account give the benefits that the recipient will not only not know where on earth the money is coming from, but also he could not be able to trace any information out of it.

Some Other Way of Sending Money Anonymously

For widely classified human needs, there is a possibility that some fundraising pages like GoFundMe may be established by someone for them. Through this way, the website is used and its built-in features can be taken advantage of, for the sending of money to the required recipient.  Throughout this whole process of sending money to someone anonymously, the identity and the relating information of the sender is hidden and so the receiver will not be able to send back the funds to the sender.


In this world of business-minded and profit-oriented people, there still exist some individuals who work for the benefit for others. Sending money to someone anonymously is also meant for kindness and this is often done out of the truest intentions and from pious hearts. These people are now able to continue this kindness through many sources.