How to Solve Your International Money Transfer Issues For Nigeria?

Nigeria, a country in West Africa, is not a wealthy country by finance perspective that is why it is ranked in lower or middle-income countries.

Because of this situation, the people of Nigeria tend to go abroad to earn and send money back to their home country. A considerable amount of remittance done to Nigeria this increase the need for a fast way to send money to Nigeria.

Are you the Nigerian migrant staying away far from your family to earn? Are you finding a way that helps you send money swiftly but in a low price?

Then you are in the right place to have your solution. ACE Money Transfer Service allows you to send money to Nigeria quickly in a small fee. Let’s have a look at other features that makes ACE Money Transfer best remittance industry.

During this pandemic when it is difficult for all to do daily routine tasks the online money transfer system is making it easy for them. If you are from Nigeria and facing many difficulties due to the outbreak, then continue reading how online money transfer can help you in this quarantine.

How Do You Transfer Money to Nigeria?

  • Complete Registration by creating an account and inserting the required info.
  • Create Transaction by opening the web portal or downloading the ACE Money Transfer app.

o Choose your recipient country

o Enter amount to send

o Confirm the payment method and pick up method

o Pay for your transaction

  • Update Information (Personal Data and Address)
  • Upload Identification Documents

Nigerian ex-pats are working in different countries and need to send money to Nigeria. But all over the world, the online rate has also increased over time.

So, you can face different scams while you send money online to Nigeria. Let us see what kind of scams are these and how you can avoid these scams.

How to Create A Transaction to Send Money to Nigeria?

Do you ever think a money transfer way providing you with the low cost and fast way to send money to Nigeria can be easy? Yes! Believe it now.

ACE Money Transfer service allows you to send money in a few taps and some information. You only need an internet-connected device.

  • Create an account or register on ACE money transfer service
  • Choose your recipient country.
  • Select pay-out option it can be cash pick-up and bank transfer through the pay-out calculator.
  • Select a pay-out location from where your recipient can pick up your sent Transaction.
  • Insert the amount you want to send
  • Enter your recipient information
  • Choose the payment method from the given options, i.e. credit card, debit card and online bank transfer.
  • Validated the entered information by you then you are ready to send!

What are the Multiple Ways of Money Transfer to Nigeria?

Multiple money transfers ways help you send money to your recipient in various ways as desired or the way your recipient wants. These are cash pick up and bank transfer.

Cash pick up is considered as the fastest method used to send money to Nigeria and Bank transfer used to send money directly to your recipient account faster than any other way used to send money to Nigeria.

Nigeria is in the fifth position globally as a country that receives a considerable amount of remittance every year.

To send money globally, they must have been using different ways to send money online or conventionally. Let’s find out what those are and pick the best one for you.


Now a question arises why Nigeria ranks upper in this list because Nigeria ranged in lower-middle-income countries that is why most of its population tend to go abroad for the better employment opportunities and betterment of your lifestyles and your loved ones.


1: Payments via Online Money Transfer

Many people have their payments due and they have to get them paid but they are afraid of going out due to the pandemic and the physical contact with surfaces and objects that could be the cause of the spread of the virus.

In this case, send money online through online money transfer companies. This way can enable you to send money online even without going out of your house.

2: Payments Through Banks

You must certainly have done your first transaction overseas through your bank account because it is conventional. Your all money is in your bank account. You thought it is easy to initiate the deal with the bank.

But it is not reality. A bank is best for keeping your money, not for sending it abroad. When your money transfers to Nigeria, you must pay a high fee that may be applied to your recipient too. And you are getting a lower exchange rate.

Also, it takes a lot longer time to complete the transaction if there is an issue that happened you must go in person to the bank to solve it. It takes a lot of time to send money to Nigeria online.

Online may transfer companies.

Online money transfer companies are a popular and evolved way to send money to Nigeria online. People start using it as they can send money faster with lower price. What all are not able to give you these features at the same measures.

What are the things that you should look for when selecting a money transfer service?

  • 1st make sure it is a renowned company
  • 2nd cheque their reviews what people left after using their service
  • turn check for the features present that may transfer the company what you want to have
  • easy money transfer

What Are the Advantages of Online Money Transfer?

Online money transfer not only allows the inflow but also the outflow of money too, which means you can send money online and can receive it too. Online money transfer provides a borderless facility to send money online across the globe.

So far if you are from Nigeria you can easily send money around the globe to more than 50 countries without and online money transfer charges and lengthy procedures.

1: Shopping Through Online Money Transfer System

Things could be stored up to a limit, in the end, you will have to get things for your need, and going out is also a great risk. In this case shop online through the online money transfer services of different companies and brands.

That enable you to shop while staying at your place and send money online. Even if you are shopping from an international brand paying is not an issue, send money globally.

2: Groceries with an Online Money Transfer

Groceries and food items are the daily use items, which have a continuous consumption too. If you out of your grocery items, then there is nothing to worry about when you have online money transfer service in your country.

Go to the websites of your nearest grocery store, choose the things, enter your address, send money online, and get your groceries delivered at your doorsteps safely.

3: Low Transaction Fee

The small fee is the typical desire that any sender has. Are you one of them? If yes! ACE Money Transfer is here for you to send your desired amount to your loved ones.

Although there are many ways, offer you to money transfer to Nigeria, but they charge a higher fee. Sending cash through ACE not only save you from the higher price but from the additional or hidden charges.

4: Good Exchange Rate

The exchange rate is the main thing to secure your Transaction. If your Transaction has a higher exchange rate, it means your Transaction will convert to another currency at an excellent price. You are in a beneficial situation because your recipient will get more of your Transaction.

5: Send Money Anytime

It is needed for every migrant or a sender to send money globally to loved ones when they need it. What purpose you must have on money transfer service that enables you to send money 24/7. Why didn’t you get an idea about a specific one? ACE Money transfer allows you to send money anytime any day without any restriction of business days or Holidays.

6: Buying Online

When you are living abroad and want to send a gift to your family and loved ones in the homeland, you may think of buying it online for them to be delivered safely and quickly. So, for this, you need to make an online money transfer to that seller in Nigeria to deliver the items at the address in Nigeria.

But the seller can be a scammer. For such payments, money transfers would not be refundable. You may never get the product after you send money to Nigeria online.

Can You Quickly Send Money to Nigeria with ACE Money Transfer?

Nigeria stands as the 8th biggest oil exporter and according to the 2009 figures, the country’s total export volumes stand at US$45.43 billion.

So, in the present when the world is suffering from the pandemic crisis. These dealings do not cease but the online money transfer system is the best way to send money to Nigeria. Online money transfer is making trade feasible even during this outbreak as companies and firms can easily send money online.

It is a money transfer company that is trusted to transfer Money to Nigeria online and have over 1,000,000 trusted customers. Some great features that are attracting people around the world. Let’s find out those features, or are they meeting your requirements.

How to Get the Higher Exchange Rate?

A high exchange rate is the greatest strive of any customer in this age. But getting it is not easier. If you want to send money to Nigeria from the UK, then you must check the mid-market trade between the UK and Nigeria.

Then go to the money transfer provider website. Check the exchange rate closely margins to the mid-market price. If it is so, you get the higher exchange rate.

Is There Flat Fee Without Any Hidden Charges in The Exchange Rate?

Sometimes most companies offer a high exchange rate and low cost, and there are additional charges hidden exchange rate.

ACE Money Transfer is the most transparent service that shows you in advance about the charges exchange rate and the amount the recipient will get. Good news is there is no fee to create transactions these days due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Can You Make Quick Transactions Within No Time?

You can send money as faster as you want to your recipient to send money to Nigeria online. It allows you to send money online in various ways. These are Cash pick up and bank transfer.


Cash pick up allows you to send money an instant way to send money to Nigeria online. Your recipient can pick up cash from an affiliate money transfer location.


Bank transfer allows you to send money online directly to your recipient’s bank account. It takes a bit longer than a cash pick-up. But still way faster to transfer money in one day as compared to bank transfers.


You can have excellent customer service while creating money transactions in Nigeria online. So many companies did not allow you to have customers forward every time or not through various options. ACE Money Transfer enables you to send money anytime and do queries anytime when you need them.

What are the Possible Scams in Making Money Transfer to Nigeria?

Firstly, you should know how these scammers trap you and what kind of scams you can face while you make an online money transfer to Nigeria, or you send money globally anywhere or making payments or online money transfer.

So, the most important thing a scammer would need is your personal information to get access to your money. For this, the scammers will do anything to get your information, but all that would be false and pretentious.

They would make attempts just to get your personal information by any means. So how many types of scams could you face while making money transfer to Nigeria? And can they be avoided? Let us answer these questions. And these scams can be faced anytime while you send money globally anywhere.

·       Asking for Emergency Transfer

In this scam, you get a call from someone who is pretending to be your family member or loved ones. The person may ask you to send money online That person pretends to be in an emergency situation and in need of money for that condition.

Such a call out of the blue from your loved ones in need may make your mind stop working, and you do as the person asks you to. But stop! You need to be vigilant under such conditions. Do not immediately go for making a money transfer to Nigeria to your pretentious family member.

·       Fake Money Transfer Services Provider

Yes, there can also be fake and bogus money transfer companies or agents. These scammers may send you ads on email to offer very low fees and high value of your money than other companies. So, they offered unnatural money transfer services that may attract you.

But exceptional things are not always true. You may enter your information on the site or money transfer app of such a fake money transfer company. That will allow the scammer to get all your personal information.

How to Avoid These Scams in Online Money Transfer?

Now comes the second question of how to avoid these scams. Getting knowledge about the scams will make you aware of these and will help you avoid these scams. Little carefulness and vigilance can lead you to make a happy money transfer to Nigeria. Some of the ways to avoid above mentioned scams are listed below.

  • For a pretentious emergency call, you need not be confused. Firstly, you try to make contact with your family and confirm the situation before you transfer money to Nigeriaonline. If this is not possible to do at that moment, then ask any question from that person that cannot be answered by any stranger.

And After confirmation, you should make a money transfer to Nigeria online. Otherwise, report that caller’s number to the authority!

  • For online shopping for your family from a local Nigerian seller, never make direct money transfer that is non-refundable. Ask the seller to make payment through credit card or debit card. If the seller refuses, cancel the order.

Do not send money online directly to a stranger through money transfer. You can enjoy sending gifts this way to your loved ones by making a money transfer to Nigeria online through credit card etc. So, you can reverse the online money transfer in case of a scam.

  • Though money transfer companies and agents help people to send money globally but your choice matters! For example, a Nigerian ex-pat wants to send money to Nigeria from the UK. He must look for an affordable, instant, safe money transfer.

But a little hurry can make him lose all his hard-earned money. So, to send money to Nigeria from the UK, he must look for a reputed money transfer company. Choosing a well-known and reputed company and a little research about the agent or provider will always help you.

ACE also has an online money transfer app and website, but your information is all safe, secure, and encrypted. Your data and money are absolutely safe with the ACE Money Transfer app and website.

In The End

If you want your daily happenings to continue easily even in this pandemic condition of the world, you must opt the online money transfer service as your mean to send money globally or within your country.

Usually, sending money through an online system enables a safe and reliable transaction. For a better reliance, you must look for the best money transfer company to get you online money transfer service and among such companies.

ACE Money Transfer is an online money transfer company that enables its customers to send money online to more than ninety counties of the world, in addition to the money transfer service it assures the safe approach, safety of your data and currency change options too.