How to track transactions of your money transfer to India?

After you send money to India, everyone like you wants to know when it will reach the recipient or its whereabouts. It is very important to stay updated about the status of your transaction and its secure delivery. Most financial institutions have online tools over their website, allowing you to track your online money transfer. Suppose you have ever carried out a money transfer through a bank. In that case, you can track your transaction by putting in your information like the tracking code and your beneficiary’s account number on the bank website.


How to check the status of online money transfers?

When your money transfers to India or another country through services such as Western Union, Xoom, or ACE Money Transfer, you can always track your transfer by logging into the account you have on their website. The status tracking tools present on these services’ websites keep all their customers updated about any change in status. The recipient may also check the status of this transfer online. The bank draft transfers or the check transfers may also be tracked online. A few of these institutions even give updates through SMS or email, where the sender and the receiver may keep a full check on the status.

A few companies, such as ICICI and Xoom, have mobile apps which allow customers to check the transfer status on their devices. Hence keeping track of the online money transfers is not hard if the institutions you are using are reliable. But the reliability of an institution must not make you lax in having a tab on the hard-earned money you have sent.


How can I track my transfer?

With many companies, you can track your online money transfer to India or elsewhere using the confirmation code that came with your receipt. However, you must be able to view the steps of your progress from sending and receiving either through online means or by contacting them through a telephone.

A few money transfer services also offer you the option of text or email notification at each stage of your money transaction.

In general, to check the status of your money, you can:

– Complete your transfer. After sending a transfer, you may start tracking it

– Check your receipt. Look for confirmation, reference, order, transaction, or a similarly named number

– Contact the sending company you have chosen. Call, go online or pay a visit to the physical location of the company that you sent your money through and give your tracking number

– Sign up for future notifications when possible choose notifications on each step of this transfer.


Where can I find my tracking number?

Based on the services you have chosen to send money overseas to either a bank or independent money transfers specialist, your transaction must come with a confirmation number. It may be a record of your transaction. Money tracking numbers come along with different names.

– Authorization number

– Reference number




– Order number

– Confirmation number

– And more


If your services don’t offer you a transaction number, you can still track your money. For example, you probably won’t get a transaction number if you have sent money through bank wire transfers. Hence you will use the SWIFT code to track the transfer you have made. Again, you should call your bank’s customer services to get help.

If you have a tracking number and want to track then you have to check your receipt for the highlighted number, which may be called:

– A reference number

– Tracking number

– Confirmation number

These numbers are your tracking code that can be used to see where your money has reached or whether your recipient has acquired the amount or not. You can send money to India online if you want to track your transaction 24/7.