How to track transactions of your money transfer to the Philippines? 

When you send money to Philippines online, you are also concerned that if it is going to reach its destination. Sending money online and making a money transfer will need you to be confident that your money will reach its destination. But you need to also keep tracking it as well.

So how can you check your transfer status? Checking your transfer history status is the best way to get your transfer’s most recent status update. You may even share your transfer details using your recipient.

Follow this instruction to check your money transfer status

– using the ACE money transfer app once you have logged into the app, you are now automatically taken to a number of your transfers

– And if you aren’t signed in to the app, you can do so and make sure you have selected the transfer history from your menu.


Transfer status details

If you are now tracking the money transfer to Philippines and are not sure what the status means, review the following details for having more information


– Canceled 

Transfers may be cancelled by you or by the service provider. If your transfer has been cancelled, any charges will then be refunded to you.


– In review

Your transfer is being reviewed by the service provider or one of the delivery providers. Log in to your account to find the requests that there may be for additional documents


– On hold

The service provider may need more information to complete the transfer, or the receiving bank now has issues while delivering it. You can log into the account to find more information on what you may do now.


– In progress

Everything is going fine, and your transfer is scheduled to arrive by the promised date and time


– Ready for pickup

Your recipients may visit your chosen cash pickup locations to pick up their online money transfer to Philippines from abroad. Until the money is received, you may edit your transfer to the bank deposit or pick a new location.


– Delivered

Money has now been successfully delivered to your recipient. Therefore, the transfer may no longer be cancelled, edited, or refunded.


Status update notifications

To help you track your money transfer, you will always be getting status updates if you are using a trustable money transfer service. You and your recipient will get notifications that the money has now arrived.

You may also get transfer status notifications from the service provider if any of the following has happened

– Your transfer is delayed

– Your transfer is under review by some of the delivery providers

– You make any changes to the transfer, such as changing the name of your recipient


When you send money to Philippines online or any other country, there is the second thought of the risk involved in the whole process. But if you are using reliable services to send money, you will not fall into any mishaps or loss of money, and your hard-earned money deserves to be sent away using all the best services so that it doesn’t get missing anywhere in the way.

You need to make sure that you are inputting the right details of your recipient so that it doesn’t go anywhere else. Though reputable money transfer services get the best way out to send money, you must still be actively present in the whole process.

Keep checking for status update notifications if you don’t get them yourself. Log into the application and make sure you are staying updated with where your money is at this moment.