How to Transfer Money From the UK to Pakistan?

If you live in the UK and have to send money to Pakistan, you may often feel the need to send it urgently. An instant money transfer to Pakistan may seem a dream to those living in the UK for years. But now, due to such advanced technology, you can send remittances to your home country from the UK instantly.

With online money transfer services, things have become eased up to many folds. You can enjoy a lot of freedom of money limit and the time frame to send it. But once you choose to make a money transfer to Pakistan, you need to be sure of a few things:

– How much money you want to transfer because some companies give better deals for bigger transfers

– Exchange rates as the higher the rate, the more you may transfer for your money

–  Transfer fees as most are free, but a few companies may charge over 12 Indian rupees for a transfer


But how can you transfer your money to your home country instantly?

You have to open your account with the money transfer company you have chosen online. To get your account verified, you will have to give you proof of identities, such as providing your UK driving license or passport.

Once your account has been opened, you may choose in between the below-mentioned money transfer methods:

–        Online transfer

–        Transfer on the phone

–        Transfer at the branch through an agent


You can use this company to find the company that allows you to transfer money abroad in a method that suits you. The duration that instant online money transfer to Pakistan or any other country will take can be assessed by how long it takes for them to move your remittances to an account in receiving country.

International money transfers are often faster than using the bank and are mostly used to send larger amounts of money for a house purchase. If you require to transfer your money quickly, most companies will offer you a next-day service, but they may charge you extra for this.

So this is how you can easily and instantly transfer your money to India from the UK. Sending money has become super easy and efficient from online methods, so most people are now trusting this method. You may get rid of any fraud or mishap that you would encounter while sending money by hand or through any bank.

One such company that makes instant money transfer to India is ACE Money transfer. This company has set up all of its measures and has made it possible to send money all across the countries in the world. You may get ready to use their services by accessing the mobile app for ACE money transfer.

You can send money to Pakistan online in all of the major banks when you send it to a bank account in Habib bank limited, Al Falah bank, National Bank of Pakistan, etc. You can also get a free estimate without any obligation to send your money later when needed.

So when you are getting a chance to shrunken distances, why won’t you? Always remember your family back home and send them money without any delays. With ACE Money Transfer and other online services, you can make an instant money transfer to India safely and securely.

You won’t have to fall into any pitfalls when you pick the right services and use their services rightly.