How To Transfer Money To Nigeria Without Any Delays?

If you are want to send money to Nigeria as presently residing in different countries. In most cases, people are connected with their homeland. In the world of rapidly changing transitions, one can feel the need to transfer money to Nigeria. ACE Money Transfer is one of the reliable money transfer service providers in the world. A recognized way to transfer funds to Nigeria is to send them via ACE Money Transfer. As ACE provides a reliable and easy way for its customers to send money at a competitive exchange rate. Many people are curious about how to transfer money to a Nigeria bank account! Keep reading to find out more about sending a money transfer to Nigeria without any additional delays.

Send Money To Nigeria

For international remittances, ACE Money Transfer has collaborated with the world’s most trustworthy service suppliers. Now you can send remittances via your credit or debit card. It does not matter, where you are. All you need to have is an ACE account, so you can proceed with the transfer of funds. People send money to Nigeria on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. For all your international remittances, you can save money with ACE Money Transfer. Just follow these simple and easy steps and get started with your first money transfer to Nigeria in seconds.

Create An Account

First of all, you need to create an account on the official portal of ACE Money Transfer. For the registration process, you may need to provide some details, containing personal and general information. Once done, you are all set to make your first online money transfer to Nigeria. So, what are you waiting for? Signup now and start managing international remittances with the best money transfer service provider.

Payment Method

After you are done setting up your ACE account, you can select the payment method. There are two ways to transfer money to Nigeria with ACE Money Transfer.

·        Bank Transfer

People can select the ‘Bank Transfer’ category for transferring remittance amounts directly into an account of the beneficiary.

·        Cash Pickup

People can select this method of payment to pay the beneficiary directly in the form of cash. This mode of payment helps individuals without a bank account to receive remittances.

Beneficiary Information & Amount

Provide details of the beneficiary account, and the amount you need to transfer. Select a payment method for your transaction, you can pay from a debit/credit card. Complete the above-mentioned steps to send your first money transfer to Nigeria without any delay.

Send Money Via ACE Mobile App

ACE Money Transfer is continuously evolving to meet the market competition and deliver efficient services. As the modern era is all about making smart decisions with the aid of digital mobile apps. There are millions of apps available on the AppStore and play store. People use apps, as they bring convenience to daily life operations. Similarly, ACE Money Transfer presents you with a trendy mobile application to transfer money instantly. Just log in to your account on the mobile app and start enjoying frequent money transfers to Nigeria.

Duration Of Transfer Remittance?

If you have provided all the details with the required documents, you’ll be able to transfer remittance to Nigeria in one to three business working days. If you have sent money using Online Bank Transfer, transactions are mostly expected to complete within 1-2 business working days. It all depends on how quickly your bank deposits funds into our ACE account. The IBAN, account number, and personal details of the recipient are very essential in money transfer transactions.

Send Money Transfer Without ‘Delay’?

The modern era is all about saving time and adding more value to business operations. Is it possible to finally send money without delays? Yes! With ACE Money Transfer, you can send a money transfer to Nigeria without any further delay. It is advised to keep track of few key actions, to transfer funds without any additional delays.

  • Make sure to use valid and authentic information at the time of account creation
  • Always cross-check for errors, either in the IBAN of recipient or account details
  • Avoid making funds transfer on the closing of the week, as the processing will be referred the next business working day
  • Always provide valid One-Time-Pin (OTP), in case of invalid OTP, the transaction will be put on hold, or maybe terminated in some cases

Based on the above discussion, it is certain that ACE Money Transfer is the ultimate remittance partner. They are many other remittance service providers as well, but ACE supersedes all of them. The cost-effective transactional costs and the competitive exchange rates are an additional plus for using ACE Money Transfer. Signup on ACE Money Transfer today and start sending money to Nigeria online.