How You Can Send money to Pakistan from UK With Online Money Transfer Service?

The total population of Pakistan is 212.7 million according to the 2018 census done by the government of Pakistan. Most of the people of Pakistan are living in abroad to earn money and to provide a better and healthy lifestyle to their family and children living in Pakistan.
Most Pakistanis are currently living in the UK. According to research, Pakistanis are the second most populous ethnic community living in the UK.

These people earn money and send them to Pakistan. These people are the most important part of the country’s economy because when these people send money to Pakistan, the Government of Pakistan receives a handsome amount as remittance on their transferred money.

For a country whose economy is still in the growing stage, this remittance matters a lot. There are different methods used by these people to send money to Pakistan from the UK.

In this article, we will discuss some of the methods used for the money transfer to Pakistan from the UK and the problems faced by the people while using these methods.

What are the Old Methods of Money Transfer?

Different methods are used to send money to Pakistan from the UK. Most of the people used different conventional methods which include bank cheques, bank drafts, pay orders, etc. These methods caused a lot of problems for the users. Some of the problems faced by people are as follow:

  • It is time-consuming methods as you have to fill the lengthy money transfer forms.
  • It takes 2 to 3 days to money transfer to Pakistan from the UK that is also because of the slow money transfer process.
  • You have to pay up to 10% money on the total amount you are sending to Pakistan from the UK as a transfer tax.
  • The physical appearance of the person in the bank is necessary to send money; otherwise, money is not transferred, which means no chance of skipping long bank tours.
  • The recipient has to face a lot of problems while receiving the transferred money.
  • These are some of the common problems that you have to face while sending money to Pakistan from the UK while using the old conventional methods.

What the Different Online Money Transfer Service?

This service is the solution to all of your problems regarding money transfer. This service is not less than a blessing for the people suffering from the old conventional methods that are time-consuming and are also very costly.

Online money transfer service provides you with all the services at one platform. Let us discuss some of its remarkable services.

  • You do not have to waste your precious time in the lengthy process of money transfer, now your tie is not wasted because of its fast services.
  • Also, it saves your money because its money transfer charges are very cheap as compared to the conventional methods.
  • You do not need to go to the bank, or anywhere else, you can send money to Pakistan from the UK from any place while from your home, office, park, gym, etc.
  • you just need an internet connection and a mobile phone.
  • There are multiple currency exchange options available for the ease of the customers.
  • There are thousands of cash pick up locations in the world; you can easily choose the nearest one.
  • The recipient also gets benefited from these services.
  • These are some of the unbelievable able services, and the most important thing is that these services are available at one platform.

If you are still not using this amazing service than what are you waiting for immediately to shift to this service and download the application from Google play store and be the happy customer and enjoy the unbelievable online services.

Wrap up:

Remittance is very important for countries like Pakistan that are still struggling in the race of development. The more ease a process is the more people enjoys it and use it on a recurrent basis.

Similar is the case of money transfer. Earlier people found the methods of money transfer very costly and resisted to send money more than once a month or two.

But, as the online transfer system was introduced, people started sending money off and on, and this is what is required to boost the GDP of the country and raise living standards.