How You Can Send Money to Senegal for Investment in Real Estate? Story of an Overseas

I’m an investment businessperson. I mostly do business overseas. Currently, I’m thinking of investing in real estate in Senegal. For that, I need to find the best route for sending money to Senegal.

Brief Intro of Senegal

Senegal was the first place in sub-Saharan Africa where Europeans arrived to trade — first in gold, later in slaves.

It was also the first black African nation in the region to achieve independence from a colonial power, in this instance Britain.

Senegal is Africa’s second-largest producer of gold and the world’s second-largest producer of cocoa. Economic Trivia of Senegal is; The services sector accounts for 50% of GDP.

And for trade; top 3 Trade Partners of Senegal are India, China, and South Africa. Top three Exported Goods from Senegal at a large rate are; Precious Stones & Metals, Oil & Mineral Fuels, and Cocoa.

Top Industries in Senegal that are helping its economy to build are Mining; Lumbering; Light Manufacturing; Aluminum Smelting.

Can you Send Money to Senegal Through Bitcoin?

Although there is some disagreement between agencies on bitcoin’s precise classification, bitcoin is legal in Senegal but there are some local laws that complicate its use and purchase from certain exchanges.

Thus, the sale, exchange, or purchase of goods with Bitcoin is allowed by law.

Can you Send Money to Senegal Through Bank?

Usually, the bank is going to be the first stop for international money transfer, all I need is a bank account.

The bank will guide through the process. In Senegal, all reimbursements to foreigner’s sanction to be approved by the Senegal International Bank.

Money transfer is usually done through Plc. The downside is the fees; the cost can be fair or high depending on the service. It can take a few days for a transfer to go through.

Send Money Online — This is Not Tricky!

If the bank doesn’t offer bank-to-bank transfers, then sending money online to Senegal is not a tricky task anymore due to the ACE money transfer.

It’s the best option for sending money online. It provides the best services. It will transfer money in moments.

ACE money transfer is a fast, simple, helpful, secure and suitable way of money transactions, making transmittal and doing other transactions using a mobile phone.

How you can Send Money to Senegal Through Money Transfer?

Send money overseas using a service of online money transfer to Senegal.

The fees with ACE depend on the following portions:

  • Where you’re sending from
  • Where you’re sending to
  • How you send ACE the money
  • How the recipient receives the money?

I can provide money in any form I like. ACE transactions are easy, comfortable and immediate. ACE provides multiple reimbursement options.

ACE is a locked and easy way to send money to Senegal online. ACE money transfer provides you with an instant cash pickup and bank transfer. Send money online with peace of mind.

ACE enables you to send money globally online, 24/7, to beneficiaries in 53 countries, and that too from the comfort of your home.