If we Say a Number, How Many Migrants Send Money to Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has been facing various problems in economic development from many decades. Ever since its formation, the state has been struggling continuously for its betterment.

A huge population of Bangladeshis have migrated to other countries, so they often send money to Bangladesh to their families. Gulf Countries have the highest ratio of Asian labour. However, European countries also have many migrants working in their organizations.

Other than that, Bangladesh is one of the five highest remittance receivers in Asia. In 2018, almost 587$ billion were sent to developing countries. This highlights the importance of overseas money transfers for the development of national states.

What are the Reasons Behind Sending Money to Bangladesh?

Well, there is a multitude of reasons behind this. Some of the reasons to send money online to Bangladesh are explained below.

  1. Fall of Taka against US dollar: The currency of Bangladesh, taka is devalued greatly. It has decreased the buying power of the citizens, creating many issues for national & international entrepreneurs.
  2. The stock market, fuel prices and nearly everything in the state has been affected greatly due to the difference in currency prices.
  3. The stability of the national currency is shallow in Bangladesh, which has compelled people to migrate to other countries for earning better incomes.

Due to this, the migrants living in other countries have to send money online to their families and loved ones. Usually, they use money transfer companies and banks for this purpose.

  1. International Aid: The strong economies such as the US and UAE have been giving international aids to developing countries from quite an era.

The borrowed money is used to balance foreign exchanges, starting or finalizing different betterment projects and several other needs. Bangladesh, lying between developing and under-developed countries, receives a notable aid from other countries.

  1. Lower Education Level: The overall economic status has also affected the education status. The higher education is not up to the level, due to which many students have taken admissions in international universities.

The guardians of these students have to make a money transfer regularly. It is also one of the major reasons for a high number of international transfers in Bangladesh.

  1. Living Style: High crime rate, high inflation and poverty level, lower-income ways all of this have contributed to making the lifestyle of residents poor.
  2. The society projects and financial institutions are not working to their desired ranks. Due to all this, people have migrated to other countries, to strive a better lifestyle. But, due to the affiliation for the country, the migrants still send money to Bangladesh online for fulfilling different state’s projects.

Money Transfer Providers!

Companies offering money transfer to Bangladesh play an important role in facilitating the remittance process. Efficient providers such as ACE Money Transfer have helped people in sending remittances to family or loved ones with optimized rates and quickest services.

However, it is important to set your criteria before selecting a provider, as the choice of a company solely depends on your own selection perimeters.