One of the great challenges faced by the economic world today is uneven development. By Uneven development it means rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer day by day.  Where are we missing? The reasons could be plenty. It is a known fact that people holding great companies in the market have assets in many forms. In contrast, poor people hardly meet the ends by fulfilling basic needs and sometimes neither of that.

It is important that everyone get access to basic necessities without working so much hard and after great struggles. Here comes a great responsibility of a state. The formation of a state is to run a stable economy by not letting people die of disease and hunger.

Uneven development fuels crimes in society by not giving equal opportunities for jobs and education. An illiterate cannot distinguish between right and wrong. All he has to think about is to fulfil his basic needs. On a global scale, uneven development exists due to unequal natural resources as well as unequal technological advancement. In this way, developing countries continue to rely on developed countries in various ways. Uneven development exists on both local and international levels which need to be addressed.