Individual Human Rights

human rights

Individual human rights day is celebrated on 29th August of every year. This day is associated with the great philosopher John Locke. He was an influential Enlightenment thinker who invoked the thought of well-being and worked for basic human rights. What distinguishes him from the rest is that he devoted a major part of his life to foster the new thoughts that the right to live should be given to every individual, and all other rights which are conformed to him should be given to him. The state is responsible for the rights of every individual and it is the duty of the state to provide protection for the rights of every individual.

What are basic human rights?

Basic human rights involve the rights which a person get at the time of his birth. This includes the right to live, the right to vote, the right to eat and so on. No one can snatch these rights from him and no one has the power to stop him from using such rights. If anyone is making it difficult for an individual to live peacefully, then he should contact authorized state departments. The state is bound to facilitate the person and has to guard the rights against those who are making it difficult for him/her. The right to live peacefully is the right of an individual since his birth.

How individual rights are preserved?

To protect human rights, a state has to play its role. The state must implement such rules and regulations which protect human rights. The state should introduce such rules which stops one to steal the precious things of any individual, to kill any other individual, to kidnap any other individual, or anything else that is harmful for the society. The state has to apply such regulations which make sure every citizen should not interrupt in the lives of others and also avoid creating a mess.

How individual rights are preserved?

Many organizations and NGOs also work in this regard, and they offer such services and support to protect human rights. Mostly NGOs aim to stop the child labor work and to bring them to show the light for studying. Protecting the rights of women is also a work which is done by many NGOs.

When it comes to the United Nations, they try to protect the rights at a greater level. It offers the time framework and policies which stop the states from making the inhuman and unethical regulations. UN is attached to many countries of the world, and it abstains all the nations to protect the rights of individuals and groups within their states. Any state cannot implement such rules which can stop any individual from basic rights. UN make it sure by states to follow the charter of humanity before the implementation of rules and before the implementations of new regulations, as every aspect of individuality should be checked out.


Looking at all the scenarios that state is protecting the rights, many state departments are involved in this regard, and many NGOs are also working for promoting the human rights but still there are crimes in the world. Still, many people try to interfere in the lives of other people for no reason. With the rise of media, it is also necessary to make the people aware of their rights. It is also the duty of institutes to spread awareness for basic human rights. By childhood, students should be taught the rights and should be taught the dos and don’ts. In this way, we can work forward to form a good society.