Money transfer scams are common all around the world and countries are losing millions of money due to this emerging crime. Pakistan is also a victim and people here are also trapped by such scams. Mostly, countries recognize the issue of money transfer scams and are motivated towards developing schemes and regulations to reduce these crimes. Like other countries, if you are trapped by any money scam, Pakistan can help you out in this case through certain strategies discussed below:

  • BANK MOHTASIB PAKISTAN: If you are treated unfairly by any bank, you can file a complaint against it. Firstly, you have to lodge a complaint with the concerned bank to solve the problem and if the bank fails to service your problem then it is preferred that you should contact the BANK MOHTASIB PAKISTAN.
  • Such types of complaints are also entertained by State Bank of Pakistan. SBP will acknowledge your complaint by cooperating with you and by calling parties for a hearing if necessary. Eventually, SBP will provide you with the findings and conclusion of the case.
  • To safeguard consumer’s interest against various disputes, misunderstandings and scams in financial sectors, the state bank of Pakistan has intensified regulations by establishing the Consumer Protection Departmentin 2008.

With emerging globalization and technological advancement, it has become necessary to develop such an institution to cater to crimes influencing financial sectors of the country.

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