International Happiness Day – 2022

In search of a bigger picture, you often tend to overlook the tiny little details that turn out to be the most beautiful moments of your life. Something very similar happens when you wander in the pursuit of happiness. You spend every moment of your present hoping that the future will bring some ray of happiness that’d brighten your lives, but that couldn’t be far from reality.


So, what is happiness? You already have the answer, but just close your eyes and think about what happiness really is? And why is it becoming so hard to understand? The present era’s busiest lifestyle has snatched the charm and spirit of life from everyone, where it’s pretty much challenging to find time for oneself and think about personal happiness. 

What Happiness Exactly Is?


Happiness is not an entitlement that is only given once. Happiness is a choice, and all those who choose to be happy are happy. The essence of happiness goes far beyond the credit you give to it. The mesmerising colours of life only look colourful if you’re looking from a heart that’s surging with happiness. 


There can’t be a unified definition or explanation to what you call happiness; it varies for every individual according to one’s perspective of life. For most people, happiness is fulfilling all the responsibilities and supporting their family’s needs. For instance, an expatriate working in a foreign land feels happy when he/she makes an online money transfer to family and friends. Others find happiness in fulfilling their own dreams, wishes, and desires. Yet several others feel happy when they serve humanity through every possible source they can have. The International Day of Happiness is celebrated worldwide to blossom such colours that could bring out the true essence of happiness.


International Happiness Day


International Day of Happiness is a public holiday celebrated annually on the 20th of March throughout the world. This celebration may seem like singing and dancing merely; however, there’s much more to talk about it. Every year, International Happiness Day is celebrated to spread awareness about the importance of happiness and how it’s one of the most fundamental and essential needs of every breathing life on the face of the planet earth.


In addition to the public service messages, in 2011, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that made it a “fundamental human goal” to give happiness as much priority as an economic opportunity. UN ( according to resolution 66/281 of 12 July 2012 ) has chosen the 20th of March as the International Happiness Day.


Brief History


Pursuing happiness was common among Americans, but it took global attention after being conceptualised by Jayme Illien – a special advisor at the UN. The idea was immediately welcomed by all the 194 countries globally due to the essence and beauty of this resolution.


The  UN passed this resolution on July 12, 2012, and asked the global community to celebrate this day with great zeal and enthusiasm.


Do you find it difficult to even think about happiness? Simply glance at the following to see if anything makes some pleasant difference in your life.


3 Delightful Facts about Happiness that would definitely put a smile on your face:


Following would be the facts that you should definitely try during this public holiday.

  • Floral Scents can make you happy:


So, it’s decided. You’d look at signboards near gardens saying “ Hey! Stop and smell the roses.” It seems like a good idea; you should try.

  • Happiness has a certain power over your immune system:


Stay happy so that you’ll stay away from the hospitals. There’s no wonder that your happiness has the power to defend you against several ailments.

  • Pack your bags; it’s about time you visited Finland:


According to the UN’s 2018 report, Finland is the happiest place globally. So, if you like travelling, plan to visit Finland and order loads of happiness on the go.


Do you also feel happy when you make a money transfer to your family to stay connected with them? If yes, you’ve been earning the real happiness that brings personal contentment along with it.


3 Weird Facts about Happiness that would also put a smile on your face:

Nothing is recommended to try out, but what’s the harm in listening, right?

  • Over-Happy People Make More Mistakes:


That’s dreadful knowledge to obtain, but you’re talking about happiness, not over happiness. Anything beyond limits has diverse impacts on your body, mind, and soul. Reasonable satisfaction proves to be the secret of a successful life.

  • Happiness is inversely proportional to creativity:


You’re going to run this fact by Albert Einstein to see what he thinks. He seemed like a happy guy. The more content you are, the more creativity you have, whether at work, with family in your leisure time, studying, travelling, or doing anything else.

  • The pursuit of happiness can spoil your relationship:


Did you believe that? Of course, happiness stands amid many other things that can’t be acquired through specific pursuits. If you run after happiness to get it from people around you, it’ll most likely spoil your relationships. But, if you learn the art to be happy, you won’t need to wait for it ever.


ACE Money Transfer Wishes you the Happiest Happiness Day:


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