International Yoga Day

Every year on 21st June an event is being celebrated worldwide, and it is named as International Yoga Day. Now for sure, you might not have heard about this event before 2015, and that is because, during a meeting of United Nation General Assembly of 2015, current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi presented an idea in the importance of Yoga. According to him, Yoga is one of the ancient traditions of India, and that this is the best action for any man to completely merge himself with nature.

Benefits of Yoga

He also states that Yoga is the only way to synchronize Body and Mind and that this is one holy method for a healthy lifestyle which should be adopted worldwide. According to him, Yoga comes with several benefits for someone who wishes to live a healthy life, and this tradition should be adopted worldwide in the form of International Yoga Day. Now coming to the date 21 st June, that why Yoga Day is celebrated on this day is because according to PM of India this day is one of the longest days of Summer,
and Yoga is one of the famous traditions to be practiced in the Summer season with many benefits, and after that, this time is best for the Spiritual and body peace.

First ever Yoga Day

After this event was accepted by United Nation then the very first International Yoga Day was being celebrated on 21 st June of 2015. In that year one of the world’s largest Yoga tradition was performed in New Delhi which includes at least thirty-six thousand people from all around the world to take part in it. As a result, it became a world record for so huge party of people to take part in single Yoga Sessions, and for almost 84 different countries to take part in it.