January 24, 2020
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Electronic trading is a term used for the buying and selling of stocks using an electronic platform i.e. internet. It has gained remarkable popularity these days as transactions, communications, businesses, etc, are done through electronic means. Electronic trading with passing time has broadened the scope of business and marketing. A remarkable impact can also be seen in the field of economy as well.

Electronic trading has been boosted by advancements of technology lie internet, online transaction, money transfer services, social media platforms, etc. The investing public is more likely to perform economic activities using such platforms as they find it more profitable.

To be part of electronic trading you first need to open an account with a brokerage firm (intermediary between buyer and seller). This is done by providing your personal information. To be part of the brokerage firm it is necessary that you have experience of trading stocks. Through the account making process, your bank account is connected to the brokerage account so that the money can be easily moved whenever you want to increase your investment pool and vice versa.

Before placing any order you can learn about the security you are buying through the provided information by the brokerage firm in a form if research report. This is helpful while making your trading decisions.