Is it Cheaper, Reliable and Easier to Send Money to Gambia Online Through ACE Money Transfer App?

Online money transfer service providers have increased in large numbers now. ACE Money Transfer is among the most reliable, safe and trustable organizations. It helps people to send money to Gambia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and a lot of other countries.

What is ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer is a money transfer organization. It is an agency based in the United Kingdom. With the head office in Manchester, United Kingdom, this organization offers an online money transfer service globally. One can send money to Gambia online, or any country one wants to. It has the sending facility in twenty-six countries. These countries can be from Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

Why ACE Money Transfer?

  • You can send money globally from these countries to anywhere. Now transfer money to Gambia, Nigeria, and Pakistan or anywhere in the world.
  • It provides its services in a very competent way and serves its customers at its best.
  • It is reputed and offers corporate services for its agent.

ACE offers:

  • Low fee & Best exchange rates
  • Safe and Secure money transfer
  • Convenience & Easy procedure
  • Awesome Customer Support is available 24/7

How to Use ACE Money Transfer App?

One can install the application from google play in android and the app store on iOS. The application can be downloaded and installed easily.

The money can be sent in three simple steps:

  • Choose the country and amount
  • Choose your recipient
  • Send money around the globe

How to Register with ACE Money Transfer App?

Once you open the app after its installation, you have to register first if you have not registered before on the website. For the registration, one has to enter:

  • The Email Address
  • Password
  • Location
  • Phone Number

Or also, registration can be done through the Facebook account. The company of ACE also provides the facility of sending money using Facebook messenger. The registration offers you to enter in the family of ACE Money Transfer. And become a member by making your account through registration. By registration, you can enjoy the services and have access to log in your account. If one is already registered on the website, only the login is required.

Can You Send Money Online Quickly After Login?

The login is demanded by the app to work for its registered member. For the login, the email address and password are required to send money online. You can also enable Touch ID for safe progress. So you can use your thumb impression for secure login and other actions when required. After logging in the app, you get access to your account. Anyone after login can then send money and operate further steps through it. For example, you can transfer money to Gambia online through your application after login.

What are the Benefits of ACE Money Transfer?

The services of ACE are many in numbers. ACE makes you the promise to strive to put up with customer expectations. For ACE, the money transfer is not only for remittance sending facility. But for ACE, the remittance sending is the source of happiness for the people living overseas. People living abroad and helping their families in their homeland by earning and sending money to their family members.

What Extra Benefits Can You Get After Downloading the Money Transfer App?

For money transfer to Gambia, the application makes many benefits to the customer. The various services that the member of ACE can enjoy by the application can be listed below:

  • The logged-in person can enjoy the facility of sending money. The history of transactions done by the person can be checked anytime. Also, the member can see the beneficiaries and can manage the account online.
  • The data about personal details can be changed anytime when required.
  • The settings can be managed according to the ease of the person owning the account.
  • You can send money to home anywhere around the globe through online service sitting in your home. For example, anyone can send money to Gambia online having tea in the drawing-room.
  • One can easily find the exchange rates anytime as it changes every day.
  • The tracking of money transfer or remittance sent can also be done. For this, the tracking option is available. You can track your transfer by entering the number provided.
  • One can easily check the information about sending money to any country.
  • The contact number and details of ACE are fully available in the application.
  • Fee for the remittance sending to any country cis checked.
  • The application promises for the following at the downloading site:
  • You can invite your friends to install and use the app through the “invite friends” option in your account.
  • Useful notifications about anything are provided on all the screens that are used by the customer.
  • ACE Money Transfer has made a customer certificate for the receiver for the transaction. This certificate can be easily downloaded through the application of ACE.
  • Some underlying implementations are going on to make the app faster for the customers or members.


This fast-growing world has made the life of people very convenient. Every facility is rising in its scope better day by day. Online money transfer services are also growing. And the companies are providing their customers with better facilities. ACE has also made its customers comfortable and at ease by the services. And to enjoy the money transfer experience to their families at its full. For this, with the website access of ACE, the application is also available for the members. The application is fast and informative at the same time.

The money sending can be easily done through the application. It is also beneficial for the receiver. The application has made the services more convenient. So the emerging organization of app has secured a lot of trust and members by the application. Also, the application has played an important role in the life of people as they can make money transfer in a while through the application facility available.