Is it Possible to Get Competitive Exchange Rates for Sending Money to Pakistan?

Initially, money transfer used to be an expensive service, and people paid hundreds of dollars solely to transfer their payments safely. However, currently, the situation is reversed. Now, people have multiple options, which helps them in catching the best rates. Stepping into the saturated industry, ACE Money Transfer has made its mark by providing the cheapest yet fastest online money transfer service. Many immigrants send money to Pakistan, who are responsible for taking care of their families.

You can choose the transfer method which suits you the most. They do not restrict their customers to use a single type or mode only. The three available options include;

What is the Common Way of Sending Money to Pakistan Online?

You can create an account on their platform by entering some basic information. Their mobile transfer app is also a very facilitating method for carrying online transfers. The process takes no longer than 2 minutes and consists of three primary steps.

  1. Enter the amount that you want to send and the country of the beneficiary
  2. Enter the name, number and IBAN of the recipient
  3. That’s it! Your payment will be sent.

Another benefit of using this mode is that you or the recipient don’t have to step out from your homes. You can easily manage your transfers with peace of mind whenever and wherever you want. For a money transfer to Pakistan, the only thing that you’ll require is good internet!

Can You Send Money Easily Through Bank Deposit?

It is yet another most used form of transfer. In this process, the sender just has to enter the banking details of the recipient. The receiver will get a direct deposit, irrespective of the affiliation of the recipient with them or not. There is no receiving fee at their organization. Just visit your bank, show your id and withdraw the payments.

If you use online banking, the payments will be shown in your online bank account as soon as the transfer is completed. After that, they can be used directly for doing cashless transactions and can be withdrawn by visiting any nearest branch or your bank or ATM too. For online money transfer to Pakistan, a bank transfer is one of the reliable methods.

Why People Also Prefer Instant Cash Pickup Service?

In some cases, the recipients or the senders may need to exchange payments at the earliest hours. Nor can they wait for a better rate and neither can they wait for 2-3 days after sending the payment. In this case, instant cash pickup is a smooth way out. You can wire your payments or attach your credit card for sending payments instantly.

ACE Money Transfer also provide an urgent transfer service, which helps you to send money to Pakistan online with a few clicks only! The recipient and the sender, both, are informed by sending notifications to their primary contact methods. This may come along with an additional fee, but the receiver can visit any nearest cashout location or bank branch to withdraw the payments.

In case if the recipient doesn’t have a bank/ MTO account, they can use the 14 Digit Pin along with their photo ID to receive the payments. All you have to do is choose your preferred method of money transfer.