Is Migration One Of The Reasons To Send Money Back Home?

Ghana is the smallest state in the Sub-Sahara region which holds a dominant place in the remittance industry. Thousands of ex-pats who have migrated for work purposes to other countries such as the UK need to send money to Ghana, for a long time. These remittances are integral to Ghana’s economic stability and help decrease the poverty rate in the state.

Having an efficient way to send money to Ghana online is a necessity for all the remittents. The best way to transfer remittances in Ghana is to send money quickly online, and here are some reasons why.

Is There No need to travel For Online Money Transfer?

According to research, African people have to travel for a minimum of 90 minutes to reach the nearest bank or MTO’s location. When you send money globally, it doesn’t require the sender or the recipient to travel anywhere through electronic mediums. It reduced your time consumption and vanished the extra cost of transportation from home to the service provider.

The people who are living in rural areas face difficulties in physically visiting transfer platforms. Due to massive facilitation, 90% of transfers made in Africa are already done online. ACE Money Transfer provides the best services, with most user-friendly processes that make it useful for every audience type.

Is It A Cashless Transaction?

Cash is the most common form of currency, but it is also the most vulnerable. It is effortless to steal and can also be lost if you do any slight carelessness. The chances of recovering your lost or stolen cash are very low. However, in the form of e-money, you can do cashless transactions. For a money transfer to Ghana, ACE Money transfer has its money transfer app with a two-factor authentification. If your mobile or computer is stolen, anyone cannot access your account or do any transaction until you enter the security code or cross-verify the access to your account.

Thereby, it is relatively much safer. If a person forgets the password or any other mishap happens, there are 99% chances of recovering your payment. People can also use the received amounts to do immediate cashless transactions to pay a fee or do groceries. It minimizes the risk of any money miss-occurrence.

Can You Keep the Record Of Online Money Transfers?

The ace money transfer’s app keeps a record of all your transactions. Incoming, outgoing, time, date every information is just a click away. When you do transactions by traditional ACH methods, you can forget about the exact amount received or sent, and if you need it at some time, it may take days to get details about the specific transaction from your provider.

As a result of this, you can keep a record of every single penny when you do online transfers. It will also help you calculate your expenses because all of your transfers, including fee, grocery, bills or rent, will be there. All you need is a useful internet, and all the required information will be on your screens.