Is Overcoming Poverty A Major Reason Why Gambians Send Money To Gambia From Abroad?

Due to the high poverty rate in the Gambia, a considerable population from this state has moved to other countries, so that they can earn enough to feed their families and loved ones. If a person wants to send money to Gambia, then it is not a big deal in this advanced world. Most of the people are living under the poverty line, so international remittance is a blessing for them.

If we talk specifically about the Gambia, it is the least developed country if the continent, Africa. Its GDP is delegating continuously over the last ten years. International remittances are playing an undoubtful role in national income of this state.


Can You Send Money Online with the Following Aspects in Mind?

If you are looking for ways through which you can send money to Gambia online, then here are some smart tips that can help you in doing so.

1.     Can You Open A Bank Account After Getting The First Salary In Any Country.

If you are a migrant who has to do money transfer to Gambia every month, then get two separate bank accounts. One for your international transfers and other for your expenses, savings etc., If you keep all payment in one account, then any extra charges will be deducted directly. However, if you keep your own separately, you will get notified for any additional costs, and you can resolve any issue with your bank or IMT provider.

2.     How to Choose a bank or provider, which is Easily Assessable for you?

If you are traditionally sending money, then make sure to keep the distance of the home to bank/company at its minimum.

3.     Are 90% of the migrant remittances made in the first ten days or last five days of a month?

Due to the increase in workload, IMT providers may charge extra bucks from you. Thereby, if you have to transfer payments regularly, then opt for the middle of the month to get the best rates and quicker services.

4.     Why Exchange Rates fluctuate very often?

Try to lock an exchange rate with your IMT provider. It will help you in transferring money with the rates that are suitable for you, and you will not have to worry about extra charges at every transfer.

5.     How to Look at the company’s cost policy before making any transfer?

Analyse the sending fee, withdrawal fee and exchange rate, so that your costs can be estimated beforehand. Do not become prey to any company which claims zero service charges, but offers a very low exchange rate.

Always choose your provider from top recommended companies. ACE Money Transfer can help you with online money transfer to Gambia at the most affordable rates. They have reliable services, and in case of any emergency, you can send you payments within seconds. If you use their platform, you will not have to worry about any miss-occurrence because your payment will be in safe hands.