Is Security Begins With You When Sending Money Online?

Is it safer to send money to Ghana through online methods? Yes, it is possible. All you need is a reputed money transfer company.

We are currently living in a virtual era where technology has been blooming at its maximum. However, with the additional facilitation, comes a massive list of hazards. People do international shipping, online shopping, international money transfers etc. like it’s no big deal. Thereby,

What To Avoid When Sending Money?

Here is a short guide explaining how you can contribute to your financial safety whenever you need money transfer to Ghana.

Do Not Send Money To Any Stranger

It may seem very simple, but millions of people end up paying different types of online scammers such as dating sites, lotteries and fake stores. More than 200 thousand complains registered in 2018 by people due to these cheats, and there are thousands of people who don’t bother to take the long ride and complain about their experience!

It is tough to identify if your payment receipt will benefit you or is it just another trick, thereby a short solution. Do not trust any stranger with your money!

Also send money to other countries like Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.

Never Enter Your Baking Details, When Not Needed!

People don’t realise how crucial can it prove to give your banking details to someone. Many cookies and forms may have the optional column for your points, but a wise man should never enter and fill these rows. If a company or app, not concerned with your accounts is asking you to enter the details, then its undoubtedly suspicious. Do not give any permissions to such platforms.

Create Strong Passwords

Passwords are the most basic security tools, yet they are the most commonly misused. Majority of the people use the same pins for every site they use. Let us suppose you ask your colleague to open something from your phone and told your password. Now you are using the same pin for your e-account too. You may not even remember the event. However, the other person can easily detect and break into your system without anyone even noticing.

Thereby, it is essential to keep your passwords a secret. If you cannot remember too many passwords, use biometric systems or create OTP. Try to add capital and small letters as well as numbers so that your password is hard to be guessed by anyone.

Avoid keeping the names of your pets, spouses or children as passwords. Some people also keep birth dates of themselves or their loved ones, and be aware that they are straightforward to guess and detect!

How To Send Money With 100% Security?

ACE Money Transfer is a trusted provider which enables its customers to send money quickly online within a few seconds only! They promise safety and confidentiality to customers. Your money is precious. Thereby we make sure not to put it through any risk. When you send money to Ghana online, you can track the shipments through their platform, checking your live transfer status. Moreover, no third party is allowed to read our client’s data.